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I Maggie Tuttle am the voice for the children screaming to be heard and I tell all in Governments you were voted into Parliament to protect the Nation and we the children “In a child’s best interest” the research shows that you people in Westminster have and continue to allow children to be abused in every way imaginable you are the most despicable people on earth please read the link (the worlds worst mass murderers) after reading the link you will know how evil the British Governments really have been and still are and that Britain has for centuries been slaughtering children en-mass.

What the British Governments did was far more evil then the Nazis and it was the Lords and Ministers of the British Empire that not only ruled most of the world but were responsible for the MASS murder of children world wide and In 1564 it was the British Empire who organised the sale of the slaves and here we are In the 21st Century We the children are still the slaves who are murdered abused in every way and trafficked and of course we are being sold into a multibillion pound children’s slave industry then sold to the paedophile rings in Westminster and with present day news there is a big cover up and we children have no where to hide with no one to protect us please help us we are begging.

With the cover up in Westminster as in this link no child in the UK is or will be safe please help us we are all alone.   what a cover up

Untill we the children are allowed to speak out then no one will know the true figues of how many kids are in care how many are being abused sold and murdered and we the kids are telling the world we are so desperate because for centuries no one in the world can bring the British Governments to account we need to do it now. HELP

Maggie Tuttle

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  1. JUDGE JULIE says:

    this is disgusting and needs bringing to the attention of the masses who are naive. Thankyou andy.

  2. Maggie Tuttle says:

    Since I wrote the info on this page of the 21st Centurys slaves I can add that more and more children are being taken into what they say “In a child’s best interest” and the paedophiles are still walking free and still fucking the little boys and girls in care who are the silent witnesses.

  3. Joe says:

    They are c*nts the judges are fake. They lie and work together and they pay for expensive assessments through legal aid and fail you purposely.

    • The whole legal system is designed to make money. If you are lucky enough to get an assessment through legal aid, it is very easy for the system to then get something on you even if they have to fabricate. As the local authority and the courts and Cafcass all belong to the system, the judge will ninety percent of the time take what the local authority say as fact. Many other parents who do not get legal aid have to pay around £10,000+ for an assessment which is all money in the bank for gravy train injustice.

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