• 17 2019 October

    From Child Care To Adult Care The New Money Making Agenda In The Uk.

    0 TO 100 We arent safe from the social care beast. Sharp rise in babies facing being taken into care. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-50042589 We all agree sometimes children and adults need help and parents need help sometimes...

  • 22 2019 October

    Sale of babies on black market exposed in Russia

    https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/russia-black-market-babies-sale-children-journalists-kids-a9161461.html Journalists were apparently able to arrange sale of baby while posing as child abuser     Getty/iStock Pavel Sarychev’s social media profile alone should have raised eyebrows.  As a bachelor of 43 years old,...

  • 22 2019 October

    Samuel Ludwick Targeted Individual.

    Samuel Ludwick https://tilibrary.com/samuel-ludwick My name is Samuel Robert Ludwick. My education includes an Associate of Science Degree in Architectural Design and Construction Technology (4.0 GPA), an Associate of Arts Degree in General Education (3.7 GPA)....

  • 22 2019 October

    Children & Adults Electromagnetic Weapons Misuse & Targeted Individuals.

    Thank you very Much for Connecting with me. I am Sending My Story, as you Advertised You are Looking for Good Stories. You can use My Story as you Desire as The “Human Rights Organisations...

  • 15 2019 October

    Bethan a after care leavers story.

    My name is Bethan Adams and I am writing to you as I would like to share my story as an after-care leaver about my time as a child in care and after.I believe my...

The Fostering Business Scandal

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