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The Fostering Business Scandal

Message To David Cameron


The website, Children Screaming To Be Heard at is dedicated to vip rip Maggie tuttle and helping children who are lost within the Foster Care systems that were designed to help and protect abused children. Those systems, in many cases, have become the monsters they were supposed to defend children from.
These systems can’t survive and provide jobs for government workers if there are too few abused children.

This results in children being taken into the system when there are better alternatives for them.

Children are also, in high demand for sexual abuse and are valuable merchandise for those willing to obtain and sell children to adults for their personal gratification.

This is a huge problem in Great Britain and Europe but it is also, a problem in the United States.
Few people know what goes on inside the Foster Care System and this makes it a perfect system to corrupt for the purpose of trafficking children, on a global scale.

Though few people seem to be aware of how millions of children are being abused in their homes and also, in the government programs, and charities designed to serve them, it is a problem that affects us all.
Children are the future and their personal destruction means the eventual, destruction of our civilization.
All good people have the responsibility of making child abuse unacceptable in our society and also, to make sure that children aren’t merchandised as slaves in the underground global-sex-trade.

Maggie Tuttle was a woman who wasn’t afraid to fight city hall Local and National Goverments and Maggie did fight to win. In a childs best Interest please safeguard our children.

Emperor Rosko Supports CSTBH

Thank You

Children Screaming to be Heard would also like to say a thank you to Sonia Poulton for her ongoing support and news coverage for the charity.

Here you can find Sonia's new TV station.
Maggie Tuttle - The Silent Witnesses

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