Young Children’s blood being sold to the wealthy

Published On May 6, 2014 | By Children Screaming To Be Heard |

Today’s news of an interview with Mike Adams speaking of the young children’s blood being sold to the wealthy people to stop them ageing and contacting diseases but then it has been known for 100s of years that the Satanists have drank the blood of babies but now it is public under the guise to stop ageing and diseases. This is no different from the PIE organisation in the 1960s when top brass wanted the age of consent for sex with children brought down to age 5. One has to know that a law can sit on the shelves in Governments only to be brought out under another guise and passed into law. Recently I wrote an article of Who are the world’s drug dealers?

In 1996 It came to my attention that women world wide were being prescribed hormone replacement therapy (HRT) due to the menopause. It was advertised as the drug to keep women young, but in actual fact it was a prescribed drug that was legally killing women and with my research in 1998

I organised the first conference in the world on the side affects of H.R.T. and then the world knew the truth. It was in my research of many years into why women’s bodies and hormones were being used for experiments. This also led me to the very elderly ladies in care homes who were being experimented on to make them pregnant from the age 70 upwards. Yes, it happened. So from the old to the youngest who was aged 15 and prescribed oestrogen of which all oestrogen’s are a steroid and carcinogenic.

What is not published is the number of women who were prescribed the contraception pill and who died from cancer.  My research was written and published by Martin Walker, the author of the best selling book DIRTY MEDICINE, who wrote H.R.T Licensed to Kill and Maim. In my view, this all comes back to the social control of the population by drugging children en masse and the cloning of the human race. I suggest that millions of children world-wide are trafficked, not only for the paedophiles but for their blood which is now sold to the wealthy. More about this can be heard in the Mike Adams interview in the link.

Hrt Licenced To Kill and Maim

Now read in the link more disturbing news of the children trafficked weekly in and around the UK with the world really believing that here in this so-called Great Britain kids are safe. Are our laws and the actions taken on behalf of children really in “a child’s best interest”?

Recent news  of  child trafficking in the UK

Was this the answer for the wealthy to buy children’s blood ?

Mind controlling drugs

Maggie Tuttle

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