Why have we allowed the british government to Break up communities and families where are you

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In the 90s I campaigned and brought out the truth of the drug Hormone Replacement Therapy which was prescribed and licensed legally to kill and maim women worldwide.  As I lived in Haringey I was on the committee for the community and the residents of Broadwater Farm. Who were under terrible pressure due to the violence on the estate and apart from calling 999, which people were reluctant to do as there was no trust in the police force, the community had nowhere else to turn for help. It was at my suggestion that the community worked more closely together and the people themselves organised a help line 24/7 and set up their own committee to be in charge of their own homes and lives.


Many people live in communities and yet most do not even know their next door neighbours which is a very sad state of affairs. If we go back to before World War 2 people were communities they held street parties, families lived close by, children had more support and in the communities children were safer than they are today, who can remember during the summer holidays, Mum telling you to “Go out and Play, and don’t come back ‘til tea time?”


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After the war the  decided to break up the communities by building high rise flats and in the 70s when I was campaigning for Prisoners Wives and Families I was told personally that Milton Keynes was built to send all problem families from London to live in. This was the start of breaking up communities and at this same time Islington council were given a yearly grant from central government to knock down the streets of beautiful houses and to build blocks of flats. If the council did not comply with this ruling then Islington would lose their grant . It was another method of breaking up communities and families.


Until you the people come together and bring back your communities and start to support each other, there is not a hope in hell of helping the children who are being taken and abused by the system that states “In a child’s best interest” It is you the people who must learn to build your own communities especially for those who live in high rise flats, come together build play areas for the children, organise coffee mornings to support each other, learn to become your own voices and by doing so then we the nation can become one voice to be listened to.


For 40 years I have campaigned against the injustices of humanity and although when I started a campaign I was just one voice, but at the end of the day when people came out of hiding and joined the campaign we then became a voice for truth and justice and I am asking that the thousands of families who have lost their children and grandchildren unite and let us try to get the whole nation to unite and show the government that we will no longer allow you to steal our children and  rule our lives.


I hope that on the 24th July 2014 on the M25 Blockade people will come together in their thousands so we can let the government know we will no longer tolerate the corruption prevalent within our courts , the social services and court experts. We must stop children being stolen for this multibillion pound childcare industry.  If you cannot make the blockade then please remember July 25th 2014 the Conference for the children screaming to be heard there are still a few seat available.


London M25 Road Blockade  July 24th 10am south mimms services A1/M25 Junction


The Children Screaming To Be Heard Conference 25th july

Free Tickets
The Art Exhibition  25th july



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