What is your name child in foster care or Adoption Do you Know ?

Published On May 22, 2014 | By Children Screaming To Be Heard |
My name WAS Rosy now I am known as Dozy because I am one of the thousands of kids taken into care and the social services/workers changed my name I don’t think you people in the world are aware that thousands of us kids in care are having our names changed with out parents consent so what are you people going to do ????? will you continue to allow us kids to grow up being abused lose our families not knowing who we are and then what will we do OH YES end up on the streets homeless and begging for food just like the 1.000s of kids before us. We want to keep our names so please you families get together get off face book and help us we are screaming to be heard and we are the silent witnesses.
From Rosy SORRY social said its Dozy.   
child screams

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