I want my biological mummy and daddy

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I want my biological mummy and daddy

And my inheritance

In this so called Great Britain untold thousands of children are forcibly adopted with many thousands having their names changed this is all part of losing their biological families, but not only does the Governments make up the laws to split up families one law that the public is not aware of is that once a child has been adopted they lose all rights to any inheritances from their biological families, so these poor kids who are adopted lose families and their inheritances and that is the laws of the land, in realities it is ruling of the Nation selling the children and stealing their money, is this why so many kids from care end up as homeless because they have had nothing and I mean nothing as a child most have grown up with no love no bed time stories.


Adopted Children and Inheritance


Are you an adopted child? Are you confused about whether you are entitled to receive an inheritance from your biological family or your adopted family? If so then read on and, hopefully, all will become clear.The legal position is governed by section 39 of the Adoption Act 1976 which states that an adopted child is to be treated in law as the legitimate (i.e. born within wedlock) child of the adoptive parents and not the child of any other person (i.e. not the biological parents).




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