The untold emotional abuse in a childs best interest

Published On June 20, 2014 | By Children Screaming To Be Heard |

Three years ago a social worker alone walked into the school of a child who was in care and asked the girl who was all alone EXACTLY THIS would you like a DNA test so that you can know if your dad is your real dad the child was reduced to tears and put into a trauma and within days the father had instructed his lawyer to put in a complaint against the social worker who then made a statement to say the grandmother told me that her son was not the father of the child and although there was the evidence of the lies of this social worker this issue at a great expense to the tax payers continued in and out of the courts until 2014 this child has just turned 18 and the DNA never happened but the social worker who went on to then steal a little boy who is the brother of the girl from a playground begging to stay with his Nan and so we are talking of a social worker who is just one of 1.000s from Rumania who was not a registered social worker no court orders absolutely no qualifications and was allowed to traumatise two children, if truth be known “In a child’s best interest” this is just more money and jobs in the multibillion pound children’s industry.

Maggie Tuttle

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