This Nigerian Family wants to go Home – WITH their Six Kidnapped Children!

Published On April 30, 2012 | By Children Screaming To Be Heard |

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Family Photos cry 1,000 Words: Parents Punished without Crime – Children Screaming to be Heard

These photos are what is left of a family destroyed by Haringey Council – the worst that we had accompanied in terms of

  • number of children taken: first 5, then 1 at birth in hospital and the last in HMP Holloway – next to US mother Melissa Laird who witnessed the ‘snatch’;
  • the secrecy of the family courts to ‘gag’ the parents and commit them to prison;
  • the authorities’ willingness to commit crimes to cover-up crimes;
  • the ultimate cover-up in a criminal court.

You can’t make up what UK authorities get up to for the sake of organised child abuse.

Eventually, the parents got deported to Nigeria. And nobody knows what has happened to their children. The two youngest were given up for ‘forced adoption’, i.e. WITHOUT the consent of the parents, the campaign of Ian Josephs for over 50 years and our petition to the EU Parliament.

Will we achieve a change in law so that adoptions can be reversed? That children can be returned from foster care? For how many was their stay truly “in their best interest”???

This report about Social Services in Europe calls practices in the UK ‘abusive’ and refers to the irreversibility of forced adoptions in the English/Welsh law as a ‘flaw’.

DEPORTED while children in care and up for #forcedadoption

The Musas were deported in a plane that was especially chartered for all Nigerians who hadn’t “made it” in the UK and were sent back…

Gloria has been in hospital ever since but Chiwar has been able to send a THANK YOU email.

I don’t want to say more than I know and make inaccurate statements.

But I do know that their case is NOT the worst of all cover-ups any more: since Haringey Police did their best to commit crimes to cover up their crimes, we are now watching Barnet Police doing the same.

My best ‘remedy’ is therefore

Ben Fellows writes his Christmas message from HMP Wormswood Scrubs:

If or when victims attempt to try and talk about this they are dismissed by the Police, not believed and many end up committing suicide later in life or have a legacy of traumatic and emotional problems which plague their adult lives.

WHO CARES when foreign children are #abused in #fostercare?

The question about foreign children is as rhetorical as about national ones, for the whole point is that the PURPOSE of #childsnatchuk is the facilitation of #childabuse by #paedobritain! I keep writing in ‘hashtags’ as Twitter seems to be our only hope, while Gloria and Chiwar are isolated in prison and separated from their children – by exceedingly irregular legal procedures. They confirm

But when I read about the guidelines by a Government that supposedly cares, I must ask:

  • why has the oldest of the Musa children not seen her parents since she reported having been molested by the son of her foster carers?
  • who did what about the second daughter having told her mum that they were taken to dark places at night where there were only men?
  • how strange that the boy asked:

Mummy, what is paedophilia?

Now that #childabuse has become ‘topical’, it seems time to join the dots such that more people realise

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