Social Workers need to support families more says grandma

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Two very different articles in the Daily Mail today. The same result! Children being removed from their homes

I cannot understand why social services cannot support families to enable the children to remain at home.
In the first case its clear the grandmother would want her grandchild and she has done nothing wrong, so why wasn’t the child given to her, at least!

The Judge said in the second case there was neglect but no cruelty. Its clear that once this man lost his partner he could not cope! He needed psychiatric help, no one lives like this through choice!

Child Kidnapped and abused!

E-fit released after Bishop’s Stortford girl abducted and raped. E-fit of Haymeads Lane rape suspect Police are appealing for anyone with information about the suspect to come forward
Police are hunting for a man who raped a 14-year-old girl from Hertfordshire while holding her prisoner for nearly 12 hours overnight.
China has smashed four child-trafficking rings and arrested more than a THOUSAND people for using websites and instant messaging groups to trade babies, Chinese authorities said Friday.

Child poverty definition change ‘put on hold’

Children in care soar as councils seek more foster parents

Foster care costs

Council residential care – £2,100 per week, per child

Foster family care – £447 per week, per child

“In all the news coverage of councils struggling with budget cuts, it’s easy to overlook some big increases in funding.

Resources are being shifted into two key care services: adult care and child protection.
The reasons? Our population is getting older and new child care legislation.

It was the repercussions of the Baby Peter child cruelty case in Haringey, north London, that forced a national overhaul in council policy towards child protection and, as a result, more children are now in local authority care.”

What was the new child care legislation that came in after the Baby P scandal? Was the Children’s Act amended? Was it the local authorities policies that changed and would that be legal? If anyone knows I would be grateful.

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