Please let me see my daddy

Published On January 2, 2016 | By Children Screaming To Be Heard |

Please let me see my daddy

 We are the children screaming to be heard but ignored we ask our mothers and the courts “why can’t we see our daddies” some times it is also our mothers we are not allowed to see.

 Why do stepfathers have more rights to see and live with us children then our own daddies who we love and miss and many stepfathers also abuse us.

 For centuries we children have been crying out and in the 21st Century we remain the silent witnesses here lies the truth

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The Natural Fathers also deserve contact with their own kids in hospital in prison or in a new marriage. 

FNF is the leading UK charity supporting dads, mums and grandparents to have personal contact and meaningful relationships with their children following parental separation.

We offer information, advice and support services helping parents to achieve a positive outcome for their children.

Our online Forum and our network of over 50 UK Branches also offer pro-bono guidance of solicitors and others familiar with the operation of the family courts.

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