Mr Farage Remember The Grand Parents Rights

Published On September 29, 2014 | By Children Screaming To Be Heard |

Dear Mr Farage,


I congratulate you on the fact that you are finally being taken seriously and gaining much ground on the other parties.

Some time ago I  sent you information that David Cameron and Nick Clegg, before the last Elections promised publicly grandparents rights. This information is on the website


You are aware of the charity children screaming to be heard, and now they are screaming to you to support them and put a stop to so many children being taken into care only to be abused, sold, trafficked, and their helpless little bodies used by paedophiles, with approximately 10.000 children running away every year to the streets from the care system.



No child in the 21st Century should be abused, especially when thousands of children could have the right to live with their grandparents. Sadly grandparents have no rights at all, the only rights most grandparents have are to be sent to their graves never to see the seeds of their love planted for the next generation.



The powers that the British governments have over every family and child in the UK was recently reported to the world by the media about a little boy with cancer, Ashya King and his family who were trying to protect their son. Had it not been for the voices of the world, perhaps that little boy would have become one of the thousands of children screaming to be heard and begging you for his family and grandparents rights.



I, Maggie Tuttle am begging you on behalf of the children screaming to be heard to give grandparents their rights, but please do not follow in Mr Cameron’s footsteps. He took our votes and did nothing to stop thousands of children being sent into care to be adopted or fostered at a great expense when we grandparents are free to give a home love and security.


Kindest Regards

Maggie Tuttle

The silent witnesses here lies the truth

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