Make it compulsory for all social workers to be digitally recorded/monitored

Published On September 17, 2019 | By Children Screaming To Be Heard |

It is important when seeking to remove a child from his/her parents that all meetings with social services or any parties involved are digitally recorded to be used as evidence in court. This will prevent things from being taken out of context or misrepresented.

Current practice allows social workers to refuse to allow a parent to digitally record or have a witness to what is said or written. This is detrimental to parents as this evidence can’t be used in family courts and this needs to be changed. Having seen first-hand that there are opportunities for corrupt practices, it is my desire to see the law changed to require recording of all meetings pertaining to family court involving social services, parents and all other parties involved.

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  • Created by Nathan Ilabaca
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