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My 40 years as a campaigner for me the worst campaign of all was in 1996 that was until 2011 when I started the campaign for children screaming to be heard. In 1996 I was made aware that Hormone Replacement Therapy a drug that was and still is being prescribed to murder women world wide, and for many years I researched as to why women’s bodies were being used in their menopause years, my data base was in excess of 11.000 and in 1998 I hired the whole of the Brighton Centre to stage the first conference in the world on the side effects of this drug, Doctors at their own expense came from all over the world to be guest speakers, along with world media reporting. H.R.T. is a drug that changes women’s bodies with many women reported they had grown a clitoris extension and said it was like a mans penis with their bodies becoming more male then female many of these women committed suicide with thousands of women who had died from cancer, it is a well known medical fact that all estrogens are carcinogenic, the contraception pill is also  Estrogens, perhaps this is why so many young women have breast cancer, The world Health Organisation also stated that all estrogens are Carcinogenic with Estrogens vaccinated into the animals Estrogens are in the food and the water.

My research into why they were messing with women’s hormones in menopause took me back to the Eugenics society and in 1933 at the third worlds Eugenics meeting was a women known as Margaret Sanger who instigated the family planning centres which exist to present day, also was Dr Ernist Rudin a Psychologist who was the leader of the German Racial Hygiene who instigated forced sterilization.

The eugenics movement Britain wants to forget

9 Dec 2010 – .Thus the weak members of society propagate their kind.” It was a British man, not a German, who first came up with the term eugenics in 1883.

Estrogens are one of the female hormones and is changing the sex hormones of many males and for those women who had been on the pill they will have a high level of Estrogens if they become pregnant they can pass on to the unborn child and so from 1996 my research took me to WW2 and the Nazis with the experiments by the Nazi scientist experimenting on children and women who were the guinea pigs along with women who were forced to have sex with different animals for cross breeding, along with sterilizations which brings us to the control of the poor and control of babies and children and during the WW2 fostering and adoption was on the agenda big time, and when the war came to an end only a handful of scientists were bought to justice with the rest going on to continue their experiments around the world, as many know Hormones are an experiment into finding a way to clone the elite, as for the control of the poor then  read from Dennis Sewell article in 2009. The Eugenics Movement Britain wants to forget.

After WW2 there were no more guinea pigs for the ongoing experiments so what better then a whole British Nation.

As for the poor people the babies and children now 30 years later I find all of my researching into Hormones is linked to control of the population which was the Eugenics society

Before WW2 and after untold thousands of British babies and children were sold to countries such as Canada Australia plus, with all as Mr Hitler said (In a child’s best interest) with the British Governments stating these children were from the poor and lived on the streets they were sent to a better life, what is not known most were abused in every way,  British child abuse has been known for centuries and even in WW2 kids were adopted and fostered so what better then Britain to continue with the forced adoptions and fostering, and as of late the governments are under fire from many EU countries for the forced adoptions so here comes the Governments with a new law that foster carers can now apply for adoptions or special guardianship and at the same time it is control of the population again as can be read in the link by Dennis Sewell with more from the link by  Mike Adams of the Natural Health.

The conference on the 23rd April 2016  in London with world guest speakers many truths will be told of the destruction of the British children the babies and families who are again lambs to the slaughter .

The conference is free for all to attend


Maggie Tuttle


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