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The paintings by Albina Koumirova have become the voices for the Children Screaming to be heard who are the silent witnesses and here lies the truth


It is the most horrendous crime when the children in care are being abused by a system that states “In a child’s best interest” with their little voices unheard but with people such as Albina Koumirova and by her paintings people are now coming forward to be the voices for the abused children



More Paintings in this link


Albina can be contacted on it is very important that the world is made aware that Albina is the only artist who has given her life to painting the truth on behalf of the abused children and we the world must support Albina by supporting and organising art exhibitions to show the world the truth of the children screaming to be heard



Thank you Albina



From every abused child on this planet



Maggie Tuttle






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