Illegal Social Workers In The UK

Published On May 12, 2015 | By Children Screaming To Be Heard |

Why did you take me from my family?

Social workers from Africa and India have been employed in the UK for many years this stopped for a time and then in came the social workers from Romania and this has continued with now the recent news as can be read in this link more and more to be employed to steal the children.

Having witnessed a Romanian social worker who was working illegally with social services in the UK and taking children into care on allegations only from loving families, this social worker denied that in Romania that there were any problems of child abuse and that it was all lies made up by the media and that the Romanian children were all very safe.

It is a well known fact that money talks and any one can buy for a few pounds a CV for what ever employment they want to work in and as can be read on this link more Romanians arriving to be employed as social workers

This link is just one of many of a recent illegal social worker, so how many children did this illegal social worker in Essex take into care from loving families on false allegations only? There needs to be a public enquiry and perhaps the children taken into care given back to the families.

Former illegal immigrant used fake passport to get social worker job

…A FORMER illegal immigrant social worker who used fake paperwork to secure a
job at Thurrock Council has been struck off from the …

Many foreign social workers are employed by the social services and at the same time register their own companies and on taking children into care they then use their own outside companies for the assessments, supervising or other.

After checking out some of the companies they do not need an outside addresses or phone numbers, as they are using the system from within the social services! Is it any wonder that British children have become a multibillion pound industry with more then 1.000 taken into care monthly, with grandparents or family members given no rights what so ever to care for a child, as a better alternative to the state care system. Therefore of course more and more social workers are needed to keep stealing the children, and if you do the research, you will find that many social workers from India, Africa and Romania, all third world countries of course, they register their own companies. It is all money, money, money, which can only be made in the British Empire.

The research into the allegations by social workers against many families are absolutely beyond belief with many families now being accused of incest with their own children and producing children by their children and although many people in the system are aware this has happened on rare occasions, it is now being used falsely as another form of allegation.

But then one only has to read the news from the Daily Mail from 2008 in the link below to
know why more social workers are wanted. Recently many families who asked a social worker for support have found that their children are being taken into a respite placement but are never returned to their families, so with 1.000 children taken into care every month and with more Romanian social workers arriving these figures will double, so how dare the Governments abuse the children and families, but then the British Governments have always ruled most of the world then gave themselves the name of The British Empire and have been abusing and F—-g the British children in care from the year dot.

Then in came dear old Tony Blair, and under the official secrets act of 50 years he did the cover up for the paedophiles so that the secrets act is now 100 years! Yes all of the paedophiles and child abusers will be dead with Tony Blair also on the pay role of the insurance company to put a stop to the abused child victims making a claim.

Did Blair also ask Jack Straw to make an order in 2009 that no child in care who is being abused is allowed to speak out, it was Blair who set the targets for more adoptions, then we have certain Misters who were supposedly brought up by adoptive parents who are put into the forefront as Ministers for more adoptions.
I Maggie Tuttle will say to all MPs, Lords, Ministers past and present you may fool the people of the world but you cannot fool me.

It is time that the families throughout the UK started to rise up and to be the voice for the children if not then no child in the UK is safe and children will remain screaming to be heard because the families will not be their voices it will be the social workers from the third world countries.

Maggie Tuttle

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