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Mrs. Pura Caratt

I live in Edinburgh and on 06/02/0213 we went for Holiday to London. ON 14/02/2013 The social service from Camden take my 3 daughters from me because my ex-husband (Gary William Meek 29/12/1964) make false allegation, now the Judge Rowe order send my small child to live in Cayman Island and the 2 old children stay live in foster care. I always be a good mother, I have good report from the school, Health visitor etc and never I have problem in my 11 year I take care of my children. The small child Have been abuse in foster care, I report this situation to the Police, NSPCC and other authority. Now I’m in the process to appeal. The children need they family and the emotional issues of take the children live with strange (foster care) is traumatic impact on the lives of children for a lifetime. The government must change the law to improve and help families have a better life for the future of this country.