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NOTHING appears to be done about corruption in the UK. NOTHING. One small ray of light has been the removal of the Duke of York from public service. The government needs to go one step further and cut off the funding for him and his family. Why would the taxpayer pay them to do nothing?
Journalists who have not yet seen it, might be interested in the attached Operation Tiberius report, which indicates that serious organised crime is operating FROM WITHIN government institutions. This is not news to those whose substantial assets have been systematically stolen, with no remedy for justice. We have stories galore, if journalists would care to contact me.
Member of Parliament, John Penrose, is supposed to be Minister FOR domestic corruption. We would like a Minister AGAINST domestic corruption. What he actually does, nobody knows. He should start by pulling down the fraudulent government webpage touting details of an anti-corruption committee that does not even exist, according to the Cabinet Office, with so-called members who have long since retired or moved on.
Operation Tiberius unredacted full  Download a copy.
MEDIA  https://media.info/uk/newspapers
MPS  https://members.parliament.uk/members/Commons?ForParliament=2
LORDS https://members.parliament.uk/members/Lords
UK Councils  https://www.local.gov.uk/our-support/guidance-and-resources/communications-support/digital-councils/social-media/go-further/a-z-councils-online

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