Extensive Mobile phone use can triple brain cancer risk

Published On May 18, 2014 | By Children Screaming To Be Heard |

September 1998 was the month I hired the Brighton Conference Centre to expose Hormone Replacement Therapy a drug that was prescribed legally and was murdering women legally. H.R.T and the contraception pills are estrogens and the world health organisation has stated all estrogens are carcinogenic (cancer) Doctors from all over the world came to be guest speakers with world media reporting, the documentary company that was filming the conference was owned by a world known mobile company in Japan and before the conference I asked the man in charge for his mobile number of which he replied “”The owner does not allow any one working for the company to use mobiles because they cause cancer to the brain” at the time I found this amazing as the mobile company was and still is one of the leading mobile companies in the world and here we are 16 years later the truth is finally being exposed as in the link. But then the public are never told of the dangers and deaths caused by the multibillion pound industries of which the children of the world have been for 100s of years along with the worlds DRUG DEALERS the pharmaceutical companies.

The public must learn to know the truth and take charge of their own lives and that of their children and do not allow the doctors to prescribe drugs and vaccinations, funniest ever tell your doctor you keep farting and he will prescribe a pill and that says it all.


Maggie Tuttle

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