Education, morals, the state and our spiritual fight for our children

Published On January 29, 2016 | By Children Screaming To Be Heard |

Where in this day and age do we expect our children to learn any morals from when on one hand we cannot teach our children about Jesus Christ but on the other hand our schools teach them that sodomy is more normal than any other kind of relationship with sexually explicit illustration (than doing anything to promote traditional family) using a classroom smart-board and how to put on a condom at the age of 5?

It seems to be no problem to our educationalists who seems to have lost sight of the fact that “straight” relationships and marriage are naturally procreative setting the innocence of childhood aside.

I, myself would never like to force religious beliefs on anybody who would not wish them but on the other hand immoral behaviour and a distinct lack of any sexual scruples are being prematurely spoon fed to our children as part of the school curriculum.  Where does this leave the morality of future generations?

With the advent of the discussion of the legalization of incest in the Scottish Parliament would it not then be conceded that this together with the ways that our children are being educated could be a cause for a large amount of concern?

Perhaps it seems that our governments wish that family participation in doing homework with the children is advisable provided all parties are consenting.

Coupled with the state guardian scheme which is giving the Scottish Government draconian powers to interfere in the upbringing of our children and the policy that our beliefs (which is after all, what our country stands on) might be offensive to some and should be suppressed is very worrying.

More worrying is that the Christian Institute in Scotland have highlighted the fact that one state guardian could be responsible for up to 350 children making compulsory family intervention (rubber stamped by somebody (who does not even have the time to get to know your children or the family situation) outside of the household potentially over the parents) a startling reality.

Stephen Green is the main speaker for the Christian voice and he speaks with honesty against the social workers Stephen will be guest speaker at the conference for the children screaming to be heard on the 23rd April 2016, the conference is free of all charges.

Christian groups all over the country are becoming more and more concerned about the above factors combined with the sheer level of social work and court corruption regarding forced adoption up and down the country.

In social work reports regarding children, Christians can generally be presented as religious bigots, and any history of depression or mild physical or mental impairment combined with their beliefs being used against them to present them as wholly unfit to parent.

Their children are generally well presented and looked after, have morals and easier to adopt or find foster care placements for.

Doesn’t the devil just love to corrupt the children of those that oppose him?

Is not blatant madness that that our children are being sexualized and that all morals are then being thrown out the window by a nanny state that is more inclined to be predatory than being protective?

Interestingly enough, the green agenda, Agenda 21 declares the traditional family unit and the belief in one God unsustainable and your local authority and government all pander to this agenda.

It seems that everything seems to be on a wing but not on a prayer because that might be offensive to some groups.

Here lies the Truth, The silent Witnesses.

Maggie Tuttle

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