The Conference 25th July 2014 The Arts Music and the book will be the voice for the children

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The Conference 25th July 2014
The Arts Music and the book will be the voice for the children

On the 25th July 2014 the day of the conference at the (Resource Centre for London in Holloway Road) for the Children Screaming to be Heard we have now had confirmation today that Albina Koumirova an artist has agreed to show to the world for the first time her paintings which graphically depicts the British Justice and the Closed Family Courts that leave the children screaming to be heard. This is one art exhibition not to be missed you will need a tissue for your tears.

The painting shown here Albina has kindly donated for the cover of the forth coming book written by the well known Author Timothy Spearman once published this book “21st Century Lebensborne children screaming to be heard” will shortly be published then the world will read a best selling book and along with Albinas paintings the world will again know the truth of the abuse of the British children and of the powers of the SS who are still ruling on mass in the 21st Century from the days when the SS were put into power by Hitler following on to British Governments in the 21st Century.

Michael Unsworth and his group in Australia have now written and recorded a second song for the Children screaming to be heard the first song released CALLING YOU CALLING ME the name of the song is because kids in care have no telephone contact, the second song is waiting for release Michael and his group have also become the voices for the British children as the British Celebrities ignore the abused British kids.

The writer of the book lives in Canada
Albina Koumirova is a Russian Lady
Michael and the group are Australian
So tell me where are the British people to help “Children screaming to be heard” Conference

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