Concerned Parent’s Letter to Parliament

Published On December 1, 2011 | By Children Screaming To Be Heard |

Dear All,

The meeting went well with around 30 people in attendance, including 6 MP’s.

Andrea Leadsom MP, who kindly sponsored the meeting room, highlighted her campaign to have school SRE film resources classified by the British Board of Film Classification. The main issues of concern highlighted by parents were the explicit material being shown to children in SRE lessons and also how schools are actively excluding parents from any involvement in their SRE programmes.

There were three members of the opposition in attendance, from sexual health organisations – the Sex Education Forum, the Christopher Winter project and Teenage Pregnancy Associates. They were unable to offer any practical solutions to the issues presented by parents, preferring instead to tell us how great their sex education programmes are.

Antonia Tully explained that the Christopher Winter Project was being used in schools in Tower Hamlets, where parents were in the news recently in uproar over the explicit material being used, Kat Davidson from the Christopher Winter Project denied this.

Jane Lees, chair of the Sex Education Forum, told us we should read the questions they receive in question boxes from children, that would demonstrate the education children currently receive is “too little, too late”. What she didn’t disclose is that question boxes for children are introduced at the end of their SRE programme.

I’ve attached my speech, if anyone would like to read it and we hope to upload some parts of the meeting onto youtube, so I’ll let you know when.

If anyone who attended the meeting thinks I’ve forgotten anything or would like to add something, please let me know and I can forward on any further comments!

Another parliamentary meeting has been organised this week by Antonia Tully, of the Safe at School campaign, at which Judith REisman will be speaking and we will deliver a petition against explicit SRE to Michael Gove MP. We will also be meeting with Nick Gibb tomorrow at the Dept. for Education for a further discussion regarding SRE.




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