Children to the slaughter In The Uk

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The British people have always been known as LAMBS TO THE SLAUGHTER:

“And to the slaughter they marched with guns in hands to fight the world to slaughter the world”. And by doing so the lambs to the slaughter changed Great Britain into The Great British Empire. History of lambs to the slaughter

Apart from the present day internal wars caused by Governments “British lambs to the slaughter” are now (The Children to the Slaughter) Today, Britain can no longer rule the world, so what a better way to rule the British Nation then to take a child every 20 minuets into the care system on “hear say” and allegations, with no justice in the closed family courts, as one lawyer for a child stated to a grandparent who tried to produce evidence was told: “all evidence is irrelevant we are in family courts not criminal courts” and so, another child was lost in a system that repeats what Mr Hitler said who coined the phrase: (In a child’s best interest)   I wonder why this has become a world famous phrase? Yes of course children to the slaughter.

Did the British lambs to the slaughter fight Mr Hitler on “hear say” was 6 million Jews murdered on “hear say” was the National health services set up on “hear say” with thousands of children shipped to Australia Canada by the British Governments and a charity on “hear say” of a better life only to be more abused in every way and to lose their biological families on “hear say” children in care are told on “hear say” your families no longer want to see you, the same said to the families, and the grandparents are told the same then given a book to fill in from me to you with asking what would you like written on your Epitaph.

Hear say only

 There are thousands of social workers employed in the UK from third world countries   who have no knowledge of UK laws or of the British traditions and coming from a poor country it is common knowledge a CV can be bought for a few pounds then they apply for a job as a social worker  and at the same time receive many thousands of pounds for reallocation and support for housing and banking, many third world S/W are employed by the social services with many S/W registering their own companies to use for outside assessments this after they have stolen a child on “hear say” this is a conflict of interest and it is against the laws perhaps this is why Governments want to change the law so all S/W will be privatised. The British governments have always changed the laws to cover their arses and the Nation and children will remain as lambs to the slaughter

Former illegal immigrant used fake passport to get social …

16 Mar 2015 – A FORMER illegal immigrant social worker who used fake paperwork to secure a job at Thurrock Council has been struck off from the

How many lambs just in Essex alone were sent to their slaughter by the illegal S/W both Jackie Doyle Price MP and Stephen Metcalfe MP were asked for a public enquiry and that the children taken by the illegal S/W should be returned home, andto present day the MPs have ignored all.

Not all S/W are corrupt and many children do need the support from abusive parents, but there are thousands of children taken into care on “hear say” by corrupt S/W and again with “hear say” against the families who have no rights against the corruption of mostly the third world social workers who work on “hear  say”

The courts also make decisions on “hear say” and then send thousands of children as the little lambs to the slaughter into a system that states (In a child’s best interest).

Governments are aware of the truth of the care system and of the social workers with false CVs many working on false names and passports but it all comes back to the Nations children being the lambs to the slaughter with control of the population.

Maggie Tuttle

Details in the link for the conference with world guest speakers and free for all to attend

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