Children over weight taken by the Social Services in the uk

Published On March 2, 2014 | By Children Screaming To Be Heard |

Before you read this story has your social worker ever told you to take you children to a mcdonalds ?
Then to find you are overfeeding your child and a case brought against you in the family courts.

Food for thought social workers send you to mcdonalds who put children in the meat see link then social workers eat the evidence with your kids.

This info in the link proves yet again the powers given to the Social services in the uk what people are not aware of are the chemicals used to grow the food and the different chemicals used 6 or 7 times to purify the tap water chemicals are mimicking estrogens the female hormone and interfering with the bodies own chemicals and hormones, yesterday I was in London and saw an advertisement on the buses which stated more babies are dying from cancer then any other diseases. It is well documented that the third highest rates of cancer in the world are children born to women on the pill (babies don’t smoke) cigarettes are used as a cover up by Governments to conceal the truth of the chemicals mimicking cancer.

From 1995/2002 researching Hormone replacement therapy the Pharmaceutical companies told me there are over 100 Hormones in the body but we do not know how many more, facts again if one hormone goes out of zinc that affects all of the hormones in the body and people and kids bodies will react differently hence many are over weight, for many women and girls on any sort of Estrogens their busts become large with many are far over weight all chemicals are mimicking estrogens and as the world health organisation wrote all estrogens are carcinogenic.

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