Children Brain Damaged By Swine Flu Vaccine Receive $90m

Published On May 5, 2015 | By Children Screaming To Be Heard |

Hundreds of children brain damaged by the swine flu vaccine to receive $90 million in financial compensation from UK government

Yet again the drugging of children who are “the silent witnesses” continues with the British Governments ruling the population not only by their drugs and vaccinations but by the corrupt closed family courts that steal the children from thousands of loving families on allegations only then to deny the grandparents the rights to see their seeds of love, the British Governments have for centuries plundered the countries of the world and named them the British colonies under the name of the British Empire only for the British Empire to now control the population with vaccinating and drugging of the young to the old.

Why did the British Empire and America interfere with women who were going through their menopause and then prescribe a drug that is legally murdering women world wide “Hormone Replacement Therapy” it is a fact that all estrogens are carcinogenic (Cancer) with the world health organisation admitting so but still estrogens are prescribed world wide (estrogens are from horses urine) this is the same with contraceptives estrogens again with untold deaths of women and babies dying of cancer the third highest rates of cancer in the world are the babies born to women on the contraceptives..

Am I one of them?

Am I one of them?

In 1996 I organised the menopausal help line to expose the truth of the side effects of H.R.T. And in 1998 I organised the worlds first conference at the Brighton conference centre to expose H.R.T. with Doctors as guest speakers from many parts of the world in support, at the time over 11.000 women had contacted me with the side effects and it was horrendous to hear women telling me of their sufferings some women reported their bodies had become masculine and their clitoris had grown like a penis, I reported this on ITV good morning breakfast with Dr Hillary Jones at this same time experiments were being performed on women aged in their 70s to make them pregnant, women’s ovaries were being sold to scientists in the far East and stitched into men to make them pregnant it is all part of cloning.

Feds Label Estrogen a ‘Known Carcinogen’ | Womens eNews – 23 Dec 2002 … The government’s decision to label steroidal estrogen a carcinogen follows
several recent studies showing that the hormone can increase the …

The Pill Kills – 2015 – The Pill Kills Truth – And even Alfred Kinsey, the serial child molester who is credited with being the
father of the … But the research shows dramatic increases in cancer for pill users.

Gardasil vaccinations are given to girls whilst at school click the link read of the deaths and side effects. Now this vaccination is being given to boys.
Natural News

Memorial – The Truth About Gardasil She died from the Gardasil vaccination, her first day on the job at Trinity Home …
She was an amazing, upbeat, caring, healthy young woman and her death was …

The whistle blower Dr Andrew Wakefield who told the world of the side effects and the deaths and autism of the MMR

The Vaccine Autism Cover-up: How One Doctor’s Career was … career-was-destroyed-for-telling-the-truth/ – Aug 2014 … Dr. Wakefield’s research regarding the MMR vaccine and its link to bowel …

UPDATE 9/5/2014: Judge: Lawsuit Against Merck’s MMR Vaccine …

Chemicals that are used in the environment and to grow foods are known to be carcinogenic. When researching into the drinking water and estrogens I spoke with a professor at the water board who told me “Maggie, women’s pee has nothing to do with the estrogens, that they take in hormones and pee down the toilet, it is the chemicals used 6/7 times to purify the water that are mimicking estrogens”
Estrogens are derived from pregnant mares.

Estrogen Therapy – Where Does The Estrogen Come From? – Rense – In the U.S. and Canada, urine is collected from 75,000 pregnant mares to make the estrogen replacement drug. Undercover investigators from People for the …

New medical microchips to be implanted by 2017, delivering drugs, routine birth control through wireless communications

This is a scandal were are the rights of the people of the world “yes” with the British Empire and their control of the vaccinations drugs and the microchip

Thousands of teenage girls given birth control jabs at school, family planning clinics without parental consent or knowledge

8/15/2013 – First it was Gardasil. Then it was flu vaccines. Today, thousands of teenage girls as young as 13 years old living throughout the U.K. are reportedly being secretly injected with birth control vaccines at schools and family planning clinics, all without parental consent or even parental knowledge that…

Until such time the people of the world rise up and take control of their own lives, and that of their children, no child is safe with no freedom for a FUTURE resulting in more vaccinations, more drugs, with millions world wide six feet under ground.

Maggie Tuttle

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