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Press Statement from International Association of former Child Migrants and their Families – 8th May 2014


Children screaming to be heard have been screaming for 100s of years and will continue to do so until such time as the children are no longer the silent witnesses and for those children who are continually screaming it was for this reason that the charity was registered to be their voice and so with fictitious names such as Tom Dick or Harry or who ever they became the voices for the children in care.

Some people have commented that the charity needs to highlight all cases as opposed to one child’s voice. All article’s written for Tom Dick or Harry or any other named child, all information is taken from the 100s of families who contact the help-line then the information is collated and used for research and from all the information we then write with honesty on behalf of the thousands of children in care via one voice for all children screaming to be heard.

In the 80s I organised many hostels for homeless people and I know what they suffered at the hands of the social services, being abused in every way possible, and so after giving some form of security I then interviewed 100s of adults who were from the care system and from the 80s to the present day for children in the care system nothing has changed and until it does then Tom, Dick, Harry, Robert or what ever names come to mind will continue to be the voices for the children.

All children in care are appointed an independent lawyer along with a Guardian such as Cafcass and to present day the research is showing that there are very few lawyers and Barristers who really do care for the children and do speak out in the courts against the LA. Most of the lawyers representing children need locking up for perjury.

So much for the voice of the child.

Guardians or Cafcass this is one organisation that needs to be shut down over night as they only represent themselves and to hell with the kids. Children’s Guardians are just another layer of Bureaucracy used to rubber stamp the care plan, “What do kid’s know?” It was a Cafcass officer who said all children in care tell lies and none of them know what they want.

So much for the voice of the child.

Until such time that lawyers guardians social workers and court experts become the voices “In a child’s best interest” and not in their own best interest then Tom Dick Harry or who ever will remain the voices for all of the children in care screaming to be heard they are The silent witnesses and here lies the truth.

And until such time the British people wise up and learn of the corruption here in the UK and to stop their marching to save dear old Blighty then nothing will change. Had the men not marched to war in the first and second world wars then their children who were left behind would not have been the silent witnesses and sold and trafficked by the British Governments to Australia Canada etc. Poor little children all alone and being abused whilst their fathers were in the KILLING FIELDS with millions of men and women fighting for dear old Britain and the KILLING FIELDS continue with the British and EU children screaming to be heard who are still being abused and sold.

If you really want to learn of the world’s worst murders of people and children then read from the link as here.  http://worldsworstmassmurd


21st Century Lebensborn: Children Screaming To Be Heard

By Timothy Spearman

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When we were children we read stories about Big Bad Wolves and Tearful Crocodiles never dreaming that these tricksters would actually be abducting the very children being read to. We read about Witches bearing apples to seduce young girls into an eternal sleep never dreaming they would be running the 21st century care homes. We read about Little Red Riding Hood being deceived by a Trickster Wolf who infiltrated her home. We never imagined he would turn into our own MPs and public officials. We read about the Three Little Pigs who had the Big Bad Wolf Social Services right outside the door threatening to blow the house down if the Three Little Pig didn’t surrender and hand over their piglets. We read about Goldilocks who didn’t have any place to sleep for the night and ended up sneaking into a stranger’s house to sample the porridge and try out the beds. We read about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs never dreaming that Sneezey, Grumpy and Sleazy would try to have their way with her in Elm House or the Spartacus Club or a Social Services Safe House. We read about Jack the Ripper never imagining that he might live again in the 21st century in Yorkshire. We even religiously watched kid’s programmes featuring cute and cuddly eccentrics like Jimmy Saville, never imagining that he would be a child molester protected by our national broadcasting network the BBC (Buggering Boys Club). We read about Hanzel and Gretel, never dreaming that they could be abducted from a British home by the SS (Social Services) in the 21st Century as they were in Hitler’s Germany under the Lebensborn programme. We would even sit on the laps of department store Santa’s never imagining some of them were wanted paedophiles. Well guess what folks? It’s not just happening in Cloud Cuckoo Land. It’s happening for real right here and right now in Merry Old England, but don’t you worry your pretty little heads about it. Just go back to reading your fairy tales and reciting your quaint little rhymes like it will all just go away if you wish it away. You have a choice, read “21st Century Lebensborn: Children Screaming To Be Heard” and wake up to the reality or ignore the problem till they come for your kids.

Please help us we are so desperate for our voices to be heard we don’t want to stay in the killing fields

Maggie Tuttle


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