Child Maintenance Service Corruption

Published On April 6, 2021 | By Children Screaming To Be Heard |

The Child Maintenance Service is supposed to be encouraging private arrangements and are only supposed to be getting involved when arrangements cannot be agreed between both parents. What they are doing in reality is forcing people to use their inept services and also forcing people who are on Direct Pay on to Collect and Pay. They are doing this by creating arrears so they can use enforcement, there are people who have never missed any payments and have paid the exact amount which was instructed yet they are being forced on to Collect and Pay. The Government are aware that this unnacceptable conduct is happening but are turning a blind eye.

Jamie Stone MP Westminster Hall 23/03/2020 Veterans Mental Health debate –  Jamie spoke about the mental health issues caused by the CSA/CMS  Vetcon

25th Feb Armed Forces and Veterans mental health issues caused by the Child Support Agency/Child Maintenance Service


Scroll down past screenshots and there are some videos

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