Child abuse Evidence out of time?

Published On September 14, 2015 | By Children Screaming To Be Heard |

Today’s news yet again another door closes for the victims of child abuse

In a child’s best interest” how many thousands of children have been abused in every way in the care system and NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW the truth, I have always written and said that when children try to speak of abuse in care it has always been WHERE IS YOUR EVIDENCE AND YOU ARE OUT OF TIME, well how true are my words as reported in the media today in the link NO EVIDENCE and what of the paedophiles and sex abusers in Governments many are now dead with untold more acting out illnesses with top Governments debating debating and debating and how many more paedophiles and sex offenders in Governments will die before any child will be believed, and for all of the thousands of families who are allowed contact remember your child cannot tell you they are being abused if they did your contact is stopped and until such time the British people come together en-mass and protect the children being abused in the UK then NO CHILD HAS A HOPE IN HELL.





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