Cafcass The Second Voice Of The Child Conference

Published On June 18, 2014 | By Children Screaming To Be Heard |

On the 18th June 2014 Cafcass released information of their conference using the name THE SECOND VOICE OF THE CHILD the conference to be held on the 24th July 2014 which is one day before the conference on the 25th July for the children screaming to be heard.

I wonder why cafcass has at a very late time in the year decided to also hold a conference I don’t think people are so silly as to not put 2×2 together to know the answers, Cafcass are aware that the conference for the children screaming to be heard is very much in the public eye.

Maggie Tuttle would like to know why cafcass is advertising as the second voice of the child when it is a fact that 1.000s of children who depend on cafcass who work hand in glove with the children’s lawyers do not stand up in a court of law and tell the court that under the children’s human rights of the child’s wishes and wants as opposed to sending another child into a care system of which many children are abused in every way with the loss of their families and no contact 1.000s lost for ever.

I will correct Cafcass you are paid to be the first voice not the second voice for the thousands of children who depend on Cafcass who mostly take away the wishes and wants with the right to their family not to the multibillion pound family “In a child’s best interest”  Cafcass Childrens Conference

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