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Great Britain for centuries ruled the world even to the point of starting the slave trade and after a time Britain became THE GREAT BRITISH EMPIRE but as the years went by many countries became independent again and dear old Britain went by the way, but what dear old Britain has been doing is setting up another British army to rule the people, and so we have the Air force to rule the skies the Police force to rule the criminals the Navy to rule the sea and now Britain has another self made army to rule the Nation this army is known as the Social services employing untold illegal social workers from third world countries, and as we can read in the media the SS are ruling from the young to the old or with mental problems in the prisons or under the National Health what the SW says is all hear say an no one has a chance of producing evidence as we are aware children are sold by the corruption of the closed family courts, what is amazing is that Hitler also had an army known as the SS did dear old Britain follow on from Hitler and the SS, well of course Britain did and was the National Health Service set up after the war as a nation of Ginny pigs so that experiments could continue from the Hitler days.
Not one child in Britain is safe and neither is the British Nation after all the Navy Army or Police have to protect what is left of the British Empire so some one had to rule the Nation. As for the social workers I witnessed a Rumanian social worker who was the main witness in a case of a child stolen by her from a loving family in the witness box on oath told the judge and all I SORRY I CANNOT ANSWER QUESTIONS I NO UNDERSTAND ENGLISH, the judge dismissed her and sent another child into the unknown.


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