Bethan a after care leavers story.

Published On October 15, 2019 | By Children Screaming To Be Heard |
My name is Bethan Adams and I am writing to you as I would like to share my story as an after-care leaver about my time as a child in care and after.I believe my story would be of interest to you and I want to make a statement.Without sharing too much at this point the outline is that I was neglected as a child in care and being in care made me more vulnerable to things such as sexual exploitation and drug abuse.I was once placed in a child secure accommodation unit at the age of 14 and had been placed in 32 different foster care homes before then in a period of 6 months.I have also been in 2 residential care homes and I wasn’t placed on a full care order until I was 16 which Is very unusual.
Then after all of the neglect I had suffered which had caused me my mental health problems I had my daughter Rose at the age of 18.I was instantly criticised by the local authority as a parent due to my mental health and once being care myself.As a result of no consistent and minimal support for my mental health they now want to place my daughter for adoption.
They have clearly stated on a number of occasions that I am a good mother and that it is just my mental health due to my past that need to improve to enable Rose returning home but that cannot happen due to timescales’.
They have also stated in LAC (looked after children) reviews that Rose will be adopted easier than most due to the fact that she is an undamaged beautiful little girl, this I find disgraceful.I feel as though my story has a lot to offer with even my daughters social worker feeling wrong about this (she cried on me at the last hearing when the judge made the placement order due to it being her managers decision).
I would like to share my story on your website and discuss this further with you if you are interested.I hope that you consider making this statement with me as I feel people should be made aware of the negative impact that the local authority can be capable of and the impact they bare on people’s entire lives mainly due to money and time.Thank you for taking your time to read this,  Yours Faithfully.

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