Another Goodbye The family Just-Trick System

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Yet again it is with great sadness i saw and witnessed another family who have lost a baby that was less than 24 hours old this was when the police came into the hospital to tell the parents they would not be allowed to take their son home then asked the father to leave, for me this was again witnessing the last goodbye of a child taken in care. But Elizabeth and Davion are fighters and have written a book which can be down loaded free they have named and shamed all involved in their case and they will be at the Conference on the 23rd April 2016 wish I could give them a medal for their bravery for speaking out, let’s hope they have given hope and strength to all of the thousands of families who are too scared to speak out who lost their children on allegations and hear say only “In a child’s best interest”.

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The family Just-Trick System who feels it knows is a book which exposes and explores the Family court system of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. There are over 88 Professionals named in this book. To include Family Court Judges, Social workers, Lawyers and all those who took part in the tyranny against the Plowright.

Davion and Elizabeth Plowright a loving married couple have direct experience of the family courts after having their four children unlawfully taken. This well written book is one of the first of its kind and should provide parents, grandparents and families with useful insight into the nefarious practices that are prevalent in the system.

It was former MP John hemming that made the famous statement “there is a tsunami of injustice taking place in the Family Courts of the UK”. There are thousands of innocent families caught in the web of the family Just-Trick System who are restricted from telling their stories; The Plowrights have taken the bold move of naming all the Professionals who were involved. Not only is this book about the Plowright family it also contains Helpful and useful tips with various chapters to include: Family Court Judges, Lawyers and Social workers.  You will be pleased to know the entire book is free.

The Current system that deprives innocent parents of their children ultimately passes them on to a conveyor belt of despair into the Fostering or adoption systems where there are Children screaming to be heard!  For many of those children Maggie Tuttle is their only voice and she has been campaigning relentlessly for many years to get their voices heard. We have communicated with Maggie on many occasions and she is an amazing individual with a wealth of knowledge.

You can download a free copy of the book here:


You can also contact Davion and Elizabeth via email: for a free copy of the book.

Davion and Elizabeth Plowright

The Last Goodbye

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