A Little Boy in Care – His Message Was Stay Strong

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A child aged nine so thin and frail; living in fear one day at school reports an abuse by the parents to the social services, who interviewed the child at school and then left the child to be driven to the social services offices by the parents. The child, already in a trauma, is now petrified on being questioned in the car by the parents about what the child had told to the social services. On arriving at the offices the child was held in a room until 9 pm that evening with no dinner. The child was then allowed to be taken home by the grandparent, who the child trusted and loved, and for many months that child became the happiest little child on the planet. But on a terrible day the child was ripped and torn away from the love and security of the grandparent’s home. The child was torn away on the lies of the social services, and from that day on, the child lost all of its human rights along with no rights for the grandparent and other family members who had loved and cared for the child, who the child had trusted. The child was never allowed to call friends, write letters use a telephone. All contact along with the child’s human rights stopped the day the child was taken by social services.


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For more then a year this child has refused to have contact with its parents. It was suggested by Social Services that this child is the only child the Social Services and Cafcass have ever known to refuse to have contact with its parents, (a.k.a the abusers), therefore, there must be something wrong with this child, So for more than a year the system has been trying to force this child to have contact with those abusers, and because the child still says no, the child has had to undergo psychiatric treatment on a weekly bases until such time as the child agrees to meet the abusers.

The fact that any child who has found the strength to report an abuse is then having to live in fear by a system that was set up to protect children, then it is the system that is mentally abusing the children.
It is high time for society to update their views and look at what is happening to children’s human rights.  Children should be heard and listened to and their wishes made clear, along with their rights to a family life, yet it is painfully very clear than in many cases a child who reports an abuse is then forced to have contact with the abuser and we are told it is in the child’s best interest, How can that be right?  It seems to be in the interest of only the people who insist they know best, who then go on to arrange for the children to be adopted or fostered against their wishes even when a loving family is desperately willing to love and care for the child, and the child desperately wanting to be with that family.
And so a little child for more then a year has had to undergo psychiatric treatment, anger management, interviewed at school, at the foster home and many different offices. The child is even telephoned at school asking do you want contact with your parents. (Remember, these are the abusers!) The child is also assessed by CAMs for their mental stability, who then all report the child is very depressed, but unbelievably fail to see WHY the child is depressed, because none are listening to that child. The child is also interviewed by NSPCC who suggest the child be sent home to the parents, with no contact with the grandparents, the family ignored. Thanks to a whole army of different charities and government officials, within eight months the child has lived with two different sets of foster carers, all because the child cried ‘HELP ME’. This is a child who has lived for more then a year in fear, with no love, no stability and no one to turn to. All alone in the world, still not knowing its future and with more court hearings in this New Year, all because the child cried for help.
The future for many children taken away legally or illegally in the United Kingdom is too often a fate as awful and traumatic as the abuse they first reported. This little child has had the most horrendous eighteen months in care and although the child constantly draws pictures of a house and tells all, this is the house where I was safe, please let me live with my grandparent, this child like most of the children in care are ignored and their rights taken away.
One day the child was allowed to write a letter to the grandparent. The child wrote four lines of love and missing you, and ends with STAY STRONG. How amazing that a very young child in deep depression, all alone, can write to tell a grandparent stay strong.
From the little you will have read here, this little child who has the strength to say stay strong has instigated that the charity, Children Screaming To Be Heard, The Silent Witnesses, be registered on behalf of every child unnecessarily taken into care by social services and the army of professionals, while the Government continue to have meeting after meeting ‘in a child’s best interest’, the message from this child to all children in the system is to STAY STRONG.
Over 130.000 children are taken into care every year with grandparents in excess of one million who love their grandchildren and would give them support and love with a home, the truth is that less than 1% is allowed to do so. We must look at  WHY? Could it be because for every child in the system the revenue brought in runs into millions of pounds a year for the foster and adoption agencies?
Grandparents throughout England Scotland and Wales are instructing legal teams to act on their behalf in the courts for permission to have their grandchild/ren  live with them rather than be adopted or fostered by strangers. Grandparents are paying up to and over £10.000 just to be told NO. WHY?  Read Fostering Scandal Page
It is not only the grandparents being denied the right to their grandchild/ren, it is the whole biological family, aunts, uncles, cousins, great grandparents and in many cases children in care lose the right to live with their own brothers and sisters.
As for parents who have separated, there are many thousands of fathers given no rights to see their child, yet are told they have to pay maintenance. It’s correct that caring for a child should be the responsibility of both parents, but why make a father pay for a responsibility that has been taken away from him by the courts with many mothers living with new partners who pay the bills.
Again the system is taking away all children’s rights and views. As we know, many children want to see their fathers, but many children are bought up by mothers who may tell the children the most dreadful lies of the father never wanting to see his children, along with more lies that your grandparents do not want to see you either.
It should not always be for the courts to dictate to families. It is time for the children under their human rights to be able to voice their own opinions if of an age to do so. Most Judges are from the Victorian age, bought up in public schools, wrapped in cotton wool.  Most come into inheritances and live a nice comfortable life.  I say this with no disrespect, but what I do say is that governments have to listen to the public and here lies the truth. The truth cannot be told honestly by people who studied from books, and then work in a system that is wrong. I will say again and again, the truth is with the Nation, but most of all with the children who are the innocent victims.
Sex is now being taught to children in the schools from the age of four, going to school originally was to learn the three Rs, reading, writing and arithmetic, now why do governments want children to learn sex from the age of four? Is it any wonder girls menstruating from the age of ten are producing babies, or is it to produce their own little dollies they were forbidden to play with. To teach children sex and to show films of parents being intimate in the bedroom, along with the learning’s of homosexuality and masturbating, this is taking away the rights of the parents and the rights of a child to be a child. One thing in life we cannot do is to have two childhoods.  Our children are taught sex in the classroom.  What are parents suppose to do?  Are we to watch children playing sex thinking it is correct because the school taught them the facts of life? Is it ok to do as mummy and daddy do with each other as shown in the video at school?
Children Screaming to Be Heard will be asking the Government on behalf of all children that under our children’s human rights we have our very own Ombudsman. I am asking all families grandparents and the world to sign the petition and to do as a little child wrote: – STAY STRONG 

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