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After witnessing a child on his hands and knees begging and praying and screaming to be heard and trying to tell the social worker that he loved his family please I beg you let me stay with my family but the social worker who did this to a little child was not even registered but she still literally dragged this child into a car to be driven into the unknown he was treated worse than a criminal then within a month of witnessing the little boy I was asked to go with a parent and grandmother to say their last goodbye to a baby who was so adored and loved and was yet another baby being adopted and so from 2010 it became an obsession for me to research into why “In a child’s best interest”  that many children were begging to stay with their families but their voices were unheard and from this we have the charity “children screaming to be heard” the silent witnesses here lies the truth.

Reported to me on the 3rd of July 2014 a father in his 30s so in love with his wife who gave birth to a baby boy three months ago then in steps the social workers and took the baby from the hospital for adoption then these parents were told by the social services they must live apart with the social workers telling the court he is a bad parent how can he be a bad parent when he has never been a father then with the court being told the father was a child who was abused in care and could abuse his son this is not an isolated case many parents from the care system them selves throughout this country are losing their children on hear say and allegations of court experts. 

I am personally kept informed from families throughout this country who have reported that so many loving parents are being forced by the social services to live separately this is after the children are in care, although It has also been reported that parents who still have their children they are also told they must split up and on doing so the children are still taken into care.

Who gives the powers to social workers/services to steal the children for adoption or fostering and where does it state in law that the social services have the powers to force loving families to separate and I am not just writing of one case of parents being forced to separate.

As recently reported by the press two brothers in foster care were moved to 114 different foster carers  wow that fostering agency must have made a million this is also happening with kids who were adopted and with the thousands of kids being moved around the system on the pretence that the child has or is a problem and cannot settle well who would when many kids are screaming to be heard and does not have one human right and no stability,  when foster or adoption carers go on holidays all paid for by the system those children are sent to live with a stranger and this goes on and on until they are released from what I can only call hell for many thousands of kids.

Children in care who are allowed contact with their families before contact all parents and children are told what to say and not to say and on many contacts blatant lies are written with contact then stopped with all back to the merry go round more money for the courts and social services and now more hardship with no legal aid.

Where does it state in the law that a married couple or parents must be legally represented by their own legal teams it is all money again for two lawyers two Barristers and a whole team of court experts.

In this link you can read of Core assets who are paid millions of pounds a year for the children in care then there are 100s of social workers who have an outside company registered for assessments supervised contacts car hire and more and it is the social workers taking the children getting paid by the social services then paid again by their own companies and this is a conflict of interest in any court case.

So where are the laws and who has instigated the breaking up of many loving families only to steal the children to produce

Time the tax payers kicked up a stink but then most of the tax payers Maybe working
 “In a child’s best interest”

Maggie Tuttle

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