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The piece below is written by Maggie Tuttle, a tireless campaigner for grandparents who have been unjustly refused contact with their grandchildren. Maggie also has a website called Children Screaming to Be Heard and hopes one day to be able to build safe houses for children who run away from abuse and neglect.

We think you’ll find the poem quite touching.

We Grandparents worked long hours when wages were low with no telly, no radio,

No baths, times were so hard,

Just a cold tap and a walk in the yard,

No holidays abroad no carpets on the floor,

We had coal in the fire and never a locked door,

Children arrived no pills in those days,

We bought them up without State aids,

No Valium, no drugs, no L.S.D.

We cured our pains with a cup of tea,

And if we were sick we were treated at once,

No filling in a form and come back in six months,

No vandals, no muggings, there was nothing to rob,

People were happier in those far off,

Kinder and caring in so many ways,

Milkmen and newsboys use to whistle and sing,

And the flicks was a weekly had thing,

We had our troubles and strife,

We just had to face it because that was our life,

Looking back through the years

We don’t think of the bad times, the troubles and tears,

We remember the blessings of a home with love,

Of that home we shared with our beautiful kids.

 Poem by Maggie Tuttle

Guest Post: Grandparents and Contact, A Beautiful Poem

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