What is your name child in foster care or Adoption Do you Know ?

Published On May 22, 2014 | By Children Screaming To Be Heard |
My name WAS Rosy now I am known as Dozy because I am one of the thousands of kids taken into care and the social services/workers changed my name I don’t think you people in the world are aware that thousands of us kids in care are having our names changed with out parents consent so what are you people going to do ????? will you continue to allow us kids to grow up being abused lose our families not knowing who we are and then what will we do OH YES end up on the streets homeless and begging for food just like the 1.000s of kids before us. We want to keep our names so please you families get together get off face book and help us we are screaming to be heard and we are the silent witnesses.
From Rosy SORRY social said its Dozy.   
child screams

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8 Responses to What is your name child in foster care or Adoption Do you Know ?

  1. Rhonda Short says:

    CPS TOOK MY DEAR SON JOHNNY HE IS 6 YRS OLD NOWy taken October 2012 they made it where I don’t know where he is…I’m freaking out literally physically sick over this I can’t take no more… Johnny looks like this little girl in the post(he has long blonde curly hair he’s so gorgeous he stopped traffic n many many people passing would stop n admire his beauty never once when me n Johnny were out n about did he not get noticed)he’s my “perfect beautiful” that is one of his nick names I am dying from a broken heart I’m innocent he’s my heart n soul as times moves on my pain worsens I must get him back ….DO YOU NEED HIS FULL NAME??? Let me know email or text Im more than willing anything to stop this nightmare hell n stop it from happening to other parents whose child/ren has been unjustly taken hearsay lies false allegations…LOVE MY BOYS KASEYNJOHNNY 4LIFE MOM…Rhonda

  2. janet says:

    My 2 kids sinead kelly and james kelly have been stolen by ss they want them adopted they dont want to be adopted they want there families please dont adopt them ss are liers making up bodymaps and albums return are kids please

  3. Dawn says:

    subscribe, more info? have children in foster care I suspect may be abused

    • janet says:

      Hi my 2 kids sinead and james kelly are suffering in care from eailing council they are abused in care have a video of ss and carer saying say daddy lick yr bum and I give u a pink lolly shocking my 2 kids want to come home to there familys where they belong not with strangers for profit please do not adopt them sinead kelly james kelly

  4. janet says:

    My 2kids stolen from eailing ss they made up bodymaps and albums to keep my kids they tried to fail me on a braised report I done my own in harley st and they wasnt happy .my kids are suffering in care sinead kelly 22.06.2009 and james born 20.08.2010 please return are kids they want to come home to there families not strangers for money my email is kellycreame@yahoo.co.uk janice do not agree section 20 ever Please email me

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