Walk for Justice for the children screaming to be heard Glasgow To Brussels starting May 13th 10am Nazzereth House Glasgow.

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                   Walk for Justice for the children screaming to be heard  Glasgow To Brussels starting May 13th 10am                                                                       
Why should an elderly gentleman aged 72 Sid Hingerty have to walk for justice starting on the May 13th 2014 in Glasgow, the answers is that the British Government have for centuries been abusing the UK children who are the the silent witnesses Sid Hingerty wants their voices to be heard and for child abuse to be stopped. Sid has decided to start the walk from Glasgow due to the thousands of children past and present and due to the Scottish Governments refusal to recognise any form of child abuse, although this is being debated in the Scottish Parliament 
We are asking the Nation to support and report Mr Hingerty’s walk for justice and help put a stop to the child abuse in the care system.


Mr Hingerty will start his walk from
 Nazareth House 1647 Paisley Road West Cardonald Glasgow
G52 T3Q  at 10am Nazareth House was the care home that abused untold children.
Sid will be visiting towns and cities across the country he will need support of all those who have lost children to the care system in the uk and Ireland.
Sid would like all abused children from the system who are now adults to give him letters so that he may hand into the relevant Government Offices on his walk.

Although Sid is walking for the children’s charity it is also in memory with the promise to his Daughter Andrea Felton who recently passed away Andrea was desperate for her dad to walk for the children so they maybe heard on earth as in heaven.
The Route
The Charity
Facebook Event Page
Sid’s Facebook    https://www.facebook.com/shingerty1?fref=ts
Nazzereth House   http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/457478/I-was-raped-by-priest-in-orphanage


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Sid-Hingerty Walk for justice


London Motorway Blockade July 24th 2014  

10am South Mims Services M25/A1


ALL ENQUIRIES freedomtalkradio2013@gmail.com  07827731060  Andy 





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3 Responses to Walk for Justice for the children screaming to be heard Glasgow To Brussels starting May 13th 10am Nazzereth House Glasgow.

  1. SO. A Major disruption of the M25 Motorway is planned. This disruption is with the permission of the Local Police. This protest will cause major discomfort to tourists and others. WHO from the Government has offered to negotiate as to why there should be a PROTEST. Is the Government AFRAID to face the FACT that in many cases CHILDRENS Social Services are CORRUPT. Will ANYONE from the MINISTRY for Children Schools and Families reply. Edward Timpson MP. Michael Gove MP. David Cameron MP. Nick Clegg MP. I have named the above so that they have KNOWLEDGE of why there will be a Protest.

  2. Hi Guys, just to let you know I met Sid in the woods near Whitby North Yorkshire this evening. Looking very well for his age and particularly so because he has been sleeping rough for the past few weeks. I have a photograph I will share to your facebook group. Best of look with the walk Sid and lovely to meet you.

    Best Wishes – Glenn Kilpatrick


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