Prisoners have all human rights children have none

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In Britain, it has increasingly become the case that the State has taken power away from families in relation to the rights of their children. Although this process could well have begun with children’s interests at heart and with the intention of protecting the interests of both families and children, the intervention by Social Services and other State agencies is today a grossly deformed system, hell bent on destroying the family and denying the rights of both parents and children. Today thousands of children are taken into care on spurious grounds, denied any say in their own lives, denied access to family members they love and fostered out to single parents or families about whom they know nothing and with whom they have nothing in common. The UK has developed a unique system of child farming that destroys families and damages children at a young age. It has done this by depriving children of their rights and acting unaccountably on their behalf.

Under Human Rights Legislation in Europe, defendants have rights to a fair trial in an open court, exempt from gagging orders and censorship in the media. Once sentenced to prison, all prisoners are given food clothing, telephone calls, together with various forms of contact with the world outside prison especially visitation rights which allow the prisoner the pursue personal and familial relationships.

Apparently, children have the same rights under human rights legislation as adults, the right to a fair trial, to a hearing in an open court. However in reality children and often their parents are denied all their human rights in UK courts. Children’s cases are heard in closed family courts with the families denied the right to fair representation. Gagging orders are used by the courts against the press and families; many children, however articulate and determined to speak are ignored. The only people with a voice in the family courts are professionals representing the closed views of state institutions. According to professionals and State officials all court procedures are in the child’s interests.

When a child is taken from a family, both the child’s and the parents right’s are assumed by the State in the form of social workers and other professionals. These professionals are the only ones allowed to give essential evidence on behalf of the child, the evidence of parents, associated adults, members of the extended family is seen as tainted. Ultimately much of the evidence of professionals like social workers and psychiatric workers is hearsay evidence full of their own personal assumptions; unaccountably statements are written into reports; there are no open recordings of assessments or interviews, made available to parents or their lawyers.

From the first day in care, the child whose rights are supposed to be protected, loses contact with the always suspected family and grandparents; there are no telephone calls, no letters or notes and immediate family re given no information about the whereabouts of the child. Contact for that child and family can be one hour a week or a month in a tiny room with a supervisor writing down all what is said between the child and family, should a family member ask the child have you got a vest on, this is classed as undermining the foster care, and contact can be stopped, most families have to also sign a contract of what is allowed to be said and not said to the child on contact.
The differences between prisoners and children, prisoners do wrong and have their rights. Children who have assumed to have been wronged lose all of their Human Rights. So perhaps we should look at building prisons for children, then children would have the same rights as prisoners.

The UK Government is continually advertising saying there is a shortage of foster and adoption families, so what of the million grandparents and family members, who would and could give a home to a child they love and care for, the answer is simple, families do not pay money to keep people employed and to assist foster and adoption agencies to sell businesses for £135. Million pounds families they give their love. What is more important a child or the money that can be made from them.


10TH JULY 2018


Today in the news the law states that prisoners will now be allowed a telephone, so what of the thousands of kids in care who are stolen with no contact with their families, I did write some years ago as can be read in the link so what has changed for the children, Nothing.

Thousands of prisoners will be able to make phone calls from their cells in plan to show inmates ‘decency’

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9 Responses to Prisoners have all human rights children have none

  1. Mrs johnson says:

    I wish you had been there when myself and siblings were forcibly removed from our nans care and distributed throughout Wales and England through some of the most disgusting,abusive places i have ever lived. I now have no family that i know as we were told all contact was to be stopped as it made it hard for staff to “control” us once the visits came to an end,obviously we cried and begged to be taken home with family instead of being forced to live in what was little more than a lock up. I have since gone back to see if some of the places i lived are still there and they are not,cartreff-y-gelli in Carmarthen being just one of many. Before i hear yes but things are different now let me tell you, keys childcare,one of the biggest care providers in the u.k took over one of the children’s homes i worked in as an adult. They “look after” some of this countries most vulnerable children. Having spent two years working in this place and reporting them for various disgusting practices i was forced out. These places are somewhere you wouldn’t put your dog in yet the brochures look great,various activites on offer as they claim do not happen but sound good on paper. The place i worked charged £5000 per child per week as they were like myself as a child classed as “problem” children. The problem i saw was down to the care received not the child. These places destroy children then kick them out into society with little or nothing,i know having lived and worked in them. I hope you and groups like you finally open peoples eyes to what our care system is truly like not what they read in glossy brochures or social services reports. Good luck i will keep up to date with your site.

    • linda d'Auncey says:

      Thank you …. I know exactly what you’re talking about , and it’s good to see so many people forcing this become exposed .

    • Dr. Manhattan. says:

      Good on you for speaking out.
      thats whats needed to expose the truth behind the Vail of Secrecy controlled by Local Authorities in the UK.
      they operate a culture of Lies and Deception to stop parents having their children returned. the Family Courts are just much a part of the problem when judges allow Social workers to walk away Scot free after lying on Oath and committing perjury. As stated by Justice Pauffley, Collusion between judges and Social workers is widespread across the country and Sir James Munby agreed with her concerns.

  2. Fatima says:

    Once my granddaughter told me soon after she was taken from us and given to her father and stepmother:
    ” I do not know who am I any more. I know that my name is Amila but stepmother calls me Maggy. She probably has forgotten to chose a name in which won’t be any letter of my former name. I used to speak my mother’s language, but no more . They said I have to be a real Australian. I do not see they are real Australian. My father is Nigerian and his wife is Lebanese origin. I must not talk to you about anything but I have to tell them what I am talking about with you.”….

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