Letter To Sir James Munby President of the Family Courts Royal Courts of Justice

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Letter To Sir James Munby President of the Family Courts Royal Courts of Justice

Sir James Munby
President of the Family Courts
Royal Courts of Justice

10th October 2013

Dear Sir James,

I speak for all families from the grass roots who contact me to say that due to misinformation or information spin, their children have been removed from them, many forever, through adoption or because of social workers ‘suspending’ contact which is allowed to drift, despite families constantly requesting to be allowed to see them.
Grandparents who have tried to keep their grandchildren out of the care system, often spending considerable sums of money, have lost them on unsubstantiated claims too. On Appeal to the High Court they are rejected and referred back to the original Judge and in one case a High Court Judge admitted, “The Grandparents are not on a level playing field” and this was entered in his Judgement!

The fact is, neither parents nor grandparents are on a level playing field and this is borne out by the statistics of care applications being rejected by family courts. 0.27% in 2007, that’s only 27 in 10,000 with the child returning to their parents, or to extended family or the case was dropped! The law of averages would show a more favourable figure for the family. It was worse in 2011, there were 32,739 children involved in disposals of public law cases, including 31,515 orders made, 792 applications withdrawn, 350 orders of no order and 72 orders refused. Only 72 care orders refused out of 32,739 cases! 0.22% that’s 22 children in 10,000! What chance do parents/grandparents have in our hopelessly prejudiced family courts? These appalling statistics clearly show something is very wrong with the system that is rigged against families.

As more people are becoming aware they are beginning to voice and pen their shock, dismay and anger about their children being taken from them. There is a groundswell of opinion; people opposed to the secret court process and ever more members of the public are banding together in chorus with those families destroyed by the system. They are questioning how it can happen are intent on exposing and halting the injustices perpetrated against the vulnerable families affected by this unfair and heavily biased system.

Whilst there are many children who need support from being abused, and those abusers are dealt with in criminal court, there are thousands of children taken on erroneous information in the family court, leaving behind broken families with no recourse.

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/children_shealth/10149479/What-our-judges-forget-when-they-send-children-into-care.html Children exposed to abuse within the care system.

You will know you can never legislate against evil people as they exist in all walks of life. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-coventry-warwickshire-23528650

The example of Baby P and others is constantly used as a vehicle for social workers to remove even more children from homes than they would normally have taken yet the families have never perpetrated these kinds of acts! Removing children unjustly from their homes equally harms children but that harm is often carried into adulthood! But opponents of the system say that social workers are removing children to cover their own backs!


This also deflects away from the failings by professionals, especially social workers, but also police officers, doctors and teachers. Little has changed since you spoke out in 2008. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-511609/How-social-services-paid-bonuses-snatch-babies-adoption.html
The general public would be outraged if they realised the extent of the financial profiteering paid for by the public purse, made on the backs of these children that end up in care. http://www.intmensorg.com/legalaid.htm



I implore you to consider that all care proceedings should be evidence based rather than hear say, conjecture or opinion as a safeguard. I am sure you are aware other parties involved work to their own agenda. Our recommendation of recording what is actually said at pre court meetings, between a legal team, social services and families would aid in eliminating the possibility of removing children unnecessarily from loving homes.
Judges, when making a decision about the futures of the children, have other options but seem to focus on just two, freeing orders for adoption and long term foster care, simply because that is what social workers have recommended that in the care plan. Criticism is often levelled at Judges as it appears the tail is wagging the dog as Judges accept Social Worker and Expert recommendations without them having to prove anything, as noted by Professor Jane Ireland. LJ Thorpe in open court stated that taking a child was a very serious business as the parents were so prejudiced in subsequent proceedings that it was very difficult to obtain the return of a child.



Great strides have been taken in America where family preservation is proving to be very successful. http://nccpr.info/ The Evidence is In: Foster Care vs. Keeping Families Together: The Definitive Studies NCCPR (National Coalition for Child Protection Reform.)

Many children now trapped in foster care would be far better off if they had remained with their own families even if those families got only the typical help (which tends to be little help, wrong help, or no help) commonly offered by child welfare agencies.

That’s the message from the 2 part study which became the subject of a front-page story in USA Today, yet despite being the largest ever study is ignored in the UK. Full details are found as follows:

http://www.mit.edu/~jjdoyle/fostercare_aer.pdf Child Protection and Child Outcomes: Measuring the Effects of Foster Care and looked at outcomes for more than 15,000 children. It compared foster children not to the general population but to comparably-maltreated children left in their own homes. The result: On measure after measure the children left in their own homes do better. In fact, it’s not even close. Children left in their own homes are far less likely to become pregnant as teenagers, far less likely to wind up in the juvenile justice system and far more likely to hold a job for at least three months than comparably maltreated children who were placed in foster care.

Child Protection and Adult Crime: Using Investigator Assignment to Estimate Causal Effects of Foster Care


One year later, the same researcher published another study, this time of 23,000 cases. Again he compared foster children to comparably-maltreated children left in their own homes. This time he looked at which children were more likely to be arrested as adults. Once again, the children left in their own homes fared better than the foster children.

I have also enclosed, for your perusal, our letter to Earl Listowel with suggestions to improve permanence for looked after children.

I applaud you for speaking out to help make family courts more transparent and look forward to seeing what other changes you will make to bring justice and benefit children and their families.
Yours Sincerely

Maggie Tuttle

Anne Holden Researcher
The silent witnesses
Here lies the truth.

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37 Responses to Letter To Sir James Munby President of the Family Courts Royal Courts of Justice

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  2. Joy Goward says:

    Do you know what your going to be doing in 5 years, nobody and i mean nobody can answer that question. So how comes social services can rip a family apart for something that hasnt happened. Families in the uk are being forcibly ripped apart,some as soon as they take their first breath, my question is why children are being taken from loving families and put in foster homes and they dont know why. Parents if their lucky cant explain it to their children if they get visitation because they dont understand. We will be a nation of messed up children as they are dragged from pillar to post not knowing where mummy and daddy have gone, growing thinking they werent loved when they were and are truly loved.

    You read all over newspapers and see on the telly all the trouble with muslim extremists etc but noone is giving a thought what the social services are doing do our next generation. We might as well say to these terrorists come in have a coffee before you blow us up it wont matter cos all thats in the future for the uk is a generation of betrayed angry kids. We might as well get someone to bow us up weve only got it coming. You may think thats harsh but the  future in this country looks grim. 

    Athough i shouldnt say that as im not a social worker so cant see the future.

    As a generation of mums and grandmas ,dads and grandads all we want are our children back its not alot to ask. Give us a voice let us be heard. Dont gag us, ignore us pretend we dont exist. Let us have our children back so we can raise a generation to be proud of.

    This will all come out in the wash the injustice that is being done so why not be the one to start the ball rolling and help to get the justice that families deserve. 

    I hope that you take in what ive said and get in touch as i will be sending this letter to more of your collegues and the media. 

    Joy goward

    Sent from Samsung Mobile

  3. i have written to sir james munby and told him about the mistreatment on walsall social services and still no answer

  4. michelle thomas says:

    it is very supprising as to why he has not replied as he constantly seems to make a piont doesnt he of the fact that there is curruption also going on between courts and the councils making there own orders it has to be stopped but the councils are running the courts its discussting you feel like your on a losing battle there is no justice these arseholes just make up aload of discusting lies about parents and you and your children are given a life sentence for the rest of your lives and it all comes down to money as the councils are getting a million pound bonus each year for meeting a target of so many kids that are adopted out its pure evil thank tony blair for that one

    • bunny@jayladie says:

      I fled to Ireland 2weeks before my due date 29th September 2014 cos Calderdale social services mentioned forced adoption when they didn’t need to cos of likely risk of significant harm and Irish grim reaper ss that hold hands with English and copy uk law ripped him from me at 5days old Ruairi Paul Dann dob 25th October 2014 soon to be a year,50,000euros the child and family agency has spent on my hearsay case making up lies and committing perjury on the stand,twats and I won at supreme high court of appeal and all7 judges declined the application for repatriation and referred my case to the EU court of justice in Luxembourg I am awaiting dates,that’s 2.8million euros on 3this year and 4last year being sent back to UK all because they want to win and guess who’s head of the CFA here…..only Gordon jeyes who was head of Cambridgeshire child and family agency that persecuted the ward family,unbelievable continual gravy train,I’ll go to jail and be a political prisoner like nelson Mandela me if I have to in order to atop the Gestapo of our corrupt governments!!!! Janette dann and twitter is bunny@jayladie, together we stand,divided we fall!!!!!!!!!

  5. Laura says:

    The way these people continue to get away with ruining people’s futures in beyond appalling.

    As parents we do all we can to protect our children, some even run ( Rebecca Minnock) why are children taken so cruelly then the parents silenced ?

    When will something change? Appalling how children are ignored throughout these secret courts.

  6. Caroline Dann says:

    Some parents don’t deserve the right to call them self mum and dad while some cry out for help and get treated the same as those abusers. Social services say want to keep the child in the family but I got assessed and knocked back and even though I’m in a 2 bedroom property with my daughter won’t help me get a three bedroom to have my nephew while my sister fights in Ireland to keep her other son from been adopted this as torn our family apart and all we want to do is be happy and bring up our children my daughter is suffering from all this heart ache what could be stopped if only gave my sister a chance think she been punished enough and paid for her mistakes this makes me want to cry seeing our children upset and mixed up if only I was given a chance. I’ve never been in trouble with police ever, I work drive and think with the help from social services I could take my sister misery away and have both my sisters sons and my daughter.

    • janette dann says:

      I love you caroline dann,I am horrible at times and dont deserve to have you as my sister,all I can say is sorry for my behaviour and wish this weren’t happening but I dont know how to end the pain,all I can do is keep going and pray to God he hears our prayers that love will prevail over corruption and win out else what’s life been about,I miss you and my family,its so cruel being trapped in a pantry of a room-kitchen with no peace from the crazies here and working so hard as not entitled to any help and all social worker does is lie and batter me,well I wont give in,I cant can I they’ll take him their trying their level best to destroy me but if that happens it kills all of us x sorry for being a cow! To take it out on you was wrong and makes me cry that I am being a misery and strain on all of you!

  7. Larissa says:

    I’m a victim of all. Had my innocents ripped about at a young age in Africa, moving to UK 2001 and starting a family 2005 with a wrong man and spent years trying to breakout and due to status issues and fears with no support. Finally flee for good 2012 with 4 kids. I was moved from London to matlock and told I was not meant to ever go to London. Being the only black family I suffered significant racism at school and community and reported most of it and no findings were ever made. When this took its tall about racism the social service started to say the school finds me challenging to clse me down from finding solutions at school about my kids. At times they weren’t fed and left sitting outside classrooms u til I get them.drafged across playgrounds and hut with logs of wood only to tell me “they usually nice family and they going thru divorce that’s why kds are being racist and bullying to my kds. Nothing ever done. Social decided to go talk to the dad in London who made many false accusation about me that social followed. Their interim submissions in court where mother in domestic violence relationship even thou I was housed by dales housing Derbyshire for 3 years in a council house, mums mental health and at the time I had no mental health diagnosis, children unruly which after time kids didn’t want to go o school, st Joseph catholic school matlock never address issues faced kids at school. And last kids instability which we haven’t moved anywhere since being housed by Derbyshire since 2012 living their dad. The day of my kids removal the father was standing outside shaking hands n chatting to the social n police like they friends. Since then kids are still facing racism in their hands as they are placed in Buxton which again has no black people or Forster cares. I. Still suffering.since then not even my Gp agreed to give support or anything, my community mental health team said they can’t help but gave women’s advocates contacts. Since thn I’ve been paying for my own therapy which is £75 a week with no job and being in esa, facing eviction for bedroom tax and really short of words as to how such cruelty can ever help anyone.jds are soo upset already they been moved 4 times with number of respite. Now they face a move to their “own residential home”, believed to be therapeutic with no other kids r family but stuff in shift patten. 7,8,9 he on earth can this be right, the rejection beng inflicted in those kids, not even therapy fr the day they were removed by 16 police officers and 8 social workers. The pain, abuse and the damage being done to me and my family by the state. Where’s justice???????

    • janette dann says:

      There is no justice,I will not stop and now have been told could take another year for ecj in Luxembourg to deal with and in the mean time I loose out with my baby who has started to ignore me and not settle,its very disturbing everything they throw at you its disgusting ripping families apart for no reason apart from money motivation!

  8. Andy says:

    Maggie, did you ever receive a reply from James Munby?

  9. Warren says:


    • keith says:

      This is the big problem with the SS Wrongly removing children for Adoption and foster care. nobody is taking a serious look into the possible corruption between Social workers and the Adoption Agencies, they are left to do whatever they like and get away with it.
      if there is big money being made from babies and toddlers through the Adoption Agencies there is no doubt it will attract dishonest criminals into the SS. we all know that false information in case files is widespread yet the family courts turn a blind eye. this needs a full investigation by the crime office.

  10. Mrs sharon hutchinson says:

    Dear Lord Mindy
    Been fighting a sordid corrupt case with in newcastle family court.
    Social workers have been biased against my family and I
    Which we proved after 19long months.
    Lies in statements by social worker miss karen elizabeth shaw.
    Suppressed evidence kept back at fact finding hearing.
    Foster carers diaries destroyed.
    Medical experts refused to give evidence at fact finding
    Photos kept back.
    But still dear Lord.
    Judge rachel hudson
    Found me guilty on probabilities with evidence totally flawed.
    Both of my two dear granddaughters have been abused in two foster placements.
    And this judge does nothing to protect my dear granddaughters
    No action taken against foster carers social workers or children’s guardian this whole system is corrupt and twisted down to the core dear Lord.
    No family should be ripped apart.
    Who loves there granddaughters dearly.
    There was never any follow up trays of one of my four granddaughters where I been accused of harm
    Fracture leg.
    I stood in front of Lord justice kitchen at court of appeal where he stated to go back to newcastle.
    And get this judgement altered or over turned.
    That’s why I stood in front of him that day
    To over turn my sordid corrupt judgement.
    Why dear Lord is this system so corrupt.
    I cleared my name on criminal side but still can not get my dear granddaughters back home.
    Who I brought up from birth.
    How long do I have to keep fighting against liars and cheats they lies to save there own necks.
    Medical experts are paid what to say in statements.
    Dear Lord.
    Myself and husband and father has lost over 67 thousand fighting against a corrupt system.
    Now trying to scrimp and scrape to pay for another barrister.
    My human rights have been violated but more so my two dear granddaughters.
    I never ever had a fair trail dear Lord.
    Please dear Lord can you please help me.
    I would die for my dear granddaughters.
    My complaint against social workers is all ready in stage two at sunderland civic centre.
    Medical evidence statements
    Have gone missing.
    I wonder why this is dear Lord.
    I say
    Please dear Lord please help me.
    I have judgements statements photos of bruising what my granddaughters endured in the hands of these foster carers.
    And judge rachel hudson
    Does nothing.
    Children are just a money making profit big money judges social workers guardian s what about the child’s feelings and wishes.
    And safe guarding and protecting children whilst in foster care.
    This law needs to change and change quick.
    No child should be put through this or no family who adores her children

    • keith says:

      Sharon i take it you are from Sunderland.
      we have also been through hell with sunderland SS and the newcastle family courts. we can certainly say there is no real justice in the family courts.
      we have no police record, no drug use, no alcohol abuse, never been involved with the SS before and had been great parents for 12 yrs then the SS come along and take our 3 kids by threatening to call the police if we didnt sign a section 20. we signed it under duress which we now know was unlawful yet nothing has been done. once they have your kids and select any of them for Adoption its bad news because they will start to build a very shady case against the parents without them even knowing. false case files, lies, intimidation, hired Gun Psychologists the list goes on.
      we could write a book on what this rotten system is all about.
      are you on facebook ? Networking is whats needed.

      This is the big problem with the SS Wrongly removing children for Adoption and foster care. nobody is taking a serious look into the possible corruption between Social workers and the Adoption Agencies, they are left to do whatever they like and get away with it.
      if there is big money being made from babies and toddlers through the Adoption Agencies there is no doubt it will attract dishonest criminals into the SS. we all know that false information in case files is widespread yet the family courts turn a blind eye. this needs a full investigation by the crime office.

      • sarah taylor says:

        Keith, we are from Sunderland we have been through hell, my son was put in for adoption and was already in foster care she(mother) failed to go to all programs parenting courses etc.no matter that l passed all tests and got a good reports from forensic physiatrists and others , SW they lied and falsified dates places times, our case is up for final hearing in January, this will be the second time at court but mother failed again twice since 2013, he was also being abused mentally and emotionally and physically by her ex boyfriend, and her step dad was sexually also with my son he was not quite 4 but SW they did nothing? how can we protect him not just from these people, but also from those SW, WHO WANT HIM WITH HIS MOTHER REGARDLES OF WHAT HE HAS GONE THROUGH will they never learn

      • Hayley revell says:

        I’m in this situation at the moment the guardian actually said in court that there was no time to look at my grandson being put with family members because he will be 4 soon and would be harder to adopt !!

      • Sharon says:

        Hi Keith
        You can contact me on
        Kind regards
        Still fighting for my two beautiful granddaughters five years down the line

    • Sharron sharland says:

      Please someone help me SCC tookj my children a yr ago without any evidence and my brother plan to take my chillern for five yes and a yr ago he got the children to make false allegestion and SCc was out to get me as she said I goin to take your children and I not dune anything to my children since last yr my brother is neglecting the children and SCC is not doing anything about it cos they want him to keep the children so he can get the children to keep it going and my sister amid that she and my brother plan this and Sandie amidit to hitting the children and in 31 July the two cares and my sister Sandie hit my son and I report it to SCC but the sw is so far up my brother bum that they believe him and my five yr old told me this is happen and the sw not care

      • Victoria Egan says:

        ‘Ian Joseph’s forced adoption’ his contact details are on his site. He has helped many parents in your position and is guiding me through an appeal.

    • sarah taylor says:

      Oh my god your case is a replica of ours my grandson was living with me for 2 years he was a baby when we got him of 18 month he was also abused by his step granddad (sexually) at the time but we didn’t know that, he was great at school he loved it, good reports etc. S/S were decent,, his dad took him every where Then out of the blue…. they took him out of school and put him in foster care the same day unknown to us (was supposed to be going back to mother) rumour was his older brother at the time( 8 years) said that my grandson told him his dad hit him all over ! well the rest is history. We were then the worst people on earth and turned, teachers, guardian, all other professionals against us with lies, deceit, the rest is a replica of yours, the system needs to be changed and soon but we have videos and audios we are going to the papers if we do not get satisfaction

    • Victoria Egan says:

      I also have had my children removed by these wicked people. Go on Google and type in ‘Ian Joseph’s forced adoption’ he will help you

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  12. morgan alley says:

    Practical commentary – Incidentally , if someone is requiring a IRS W-2 , my husband discovered a blank form here https://goo.gl/IVHdPq.

  13. Sharron Sharland says:

    Please help me get my daughter back SCC stole my children without any evidence and my brother got the children to make false allegation and SCC does not like me as I stand up to them and I never hurt my children please help me

    • Jayne Doe says:

      Why do you ask for help for your daughter to be returned? You clearly state you have “children ” I’m guessing that you have lost more than 1. Are you having some contact with ALL of your kids? Have you a good solicitor?

  14. let nunns says:

    I’ve written 2 judge munby but he wasn’t helpful at all
    Back in Feb 2015 u took my son into school as normal no marks on him at all when I went 2 pick him up I was called in2 school office where i was blamed 4 harmin my son this isn’t true.
    Rotherham social services escorted us both 2 local hospital where my son was looked at n the doctor stated that my son sustained an non accidental injury n was toved from my care that night.
    Social care made faulse reports bout me based on mental health parenting n home conditions.
    They started care proceedings n got an adoption order while they made my life hell.
    I revoked the adoption order n won rotherham social care won’t return my son

  15. please help me get my son back the social workers didn’t even give me a chance to prove that i can look after my son he got taken away because me and my partner have a little bit of learning difficulties their excuse was that he might suffer emotional neglect trhey had it out for me i did everything they told me to do

  16. Anita says:

    This is still happening. How can you make ss distinguish from their” opinion” of what is “likely” to happen and what may actually happen? How can a mother that had been a brilliant mother for more than 10 years suddenly become such a bad person that 3 children are removed on hear say and opinion? Also how can they say that Grandparents that the children love are no good either? Until ss got involved and put their biased spin on everything mum was doing a wonderful job. All children say they want to go home, but ss say that they know this is not what is best for them.Another “opinion” me thinks.

    • julie mccartan says:

      There are so many of us. I’m a grandparent, 52 years old. SS snd CAFCAS are riddled with poison. My son and daughter in law have just been through a court hearing with me to save my grandson from adoption. I have no criminal record, clean driving licence, used to work as a Senior Support with SS for children, mental health, etc, etc. Mother has no criminal record, father only has minor offences, nothing to do with violence. They have put my grandson up for adoption anyway. I wanted another viability assessment done, paid for by myself, the judge refused. The family court is run on lies, and corrupt behaviours from mainly CAFCAS, Local Authority Barristers, Social Workers. My son, daughter in law and myself are all going to appeal. My grandson is 11 months old and has had 3 different foster parents already. I was acting in court for myself so i had the court bundle. I only had it during the week of the final hearing so had no time to read it all. I still have the court bundle and have found items that if heard in a high court would reverse the judgement. These people involved in the outcome of these horrific crimes need to be sectioned. My heart goes out to all families being abused by these people. I am one of you.

      • Maggie says:

        Our case has mirrored yours to the letter. I have a 10 month old Grandson freed for adoption. I have fought in the court and been interrogated by the most viscous legal beagles, even my sons barrister and mine expressed a disgust the judge allowed the S services barristers to keep interrogating me. My poor son and his partner didn’t stand a chance. This country is so corrupt, and who cares?

  17. jean kane says:

    I have also written to this man and the PM and lots of other M.P’s the are deaf when it comes to these matters – no one wants to actually open this issue up .
    They are just as guilty for allowing this to go unanswered for so long as the courts and social workers doing the harm.
    its the only court process where the parents have no defense ,as i think the solicitors don’t really challenge and they are the ones on your side !!!.
    I am sickened that year after year this is mentioned and still nothing done .
    who do we contact ???

  18. Nat says:

    Happening to me and my children who all desperately want to come home. Social services don’t have fact. They rely upon their fictitious stories they must cook up in order to steal children. I will never forgive I will never forget.

  19. Victoria Egan says:

    Contact ‘Ian Joseph’s forced adoption ‘ his email address is on his site. He will call you back free of charge. he has been helping me and has helped many parents win their case’s and get their children returned home.

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