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Exposing social services & family courts CORRUPTION AND INJUSTICE that destroy families and socially engineer the New worlds order SOCIETY

The paintings by Albina Koumirova have become the voices for the Children Screaming to be heard who are the silent witnesses and here lies the truth


It is the most horrendous crime when the children in care are being abused by a system that states “In a child’s best interest” with their little voices unheard but with people such as Albina Koumirova and by her paintings people are now coming forward to be the voices for the abused children



More Paintings in this link


Albina can be contacted on it is very important that the world is made aware that Albina is the only artist who has given her life to painting the truth on behalf of the abused children and we the world must support Albina by supporting and organising art exhibitions to show the world the truth of the children screaming to be heard



Thank you Albina



From every abused child on this planet



Maggie Tuttle






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Safe houses for runaway children on the streets including shelter, beds, food and support to protect children from being trafficked, sold and prostituted.


  1. Hi Maggie, I wish you a successful new year which will make it a happier one. I am in a horrible predicament with the ss, as cafcas give their false report, My 7 yr old son has & still is being abused which I have reported to police, ss, his school are aware, but my son is among the abusers, ss tried to pin alcohol on me & are proven wrong in all allegations but yet ignoring the truth, I’m not violent or alcohol dependent I have no psychiatric problems yet my son is still with abusers, I completed the plan ss required of me for over a year they transfered case to different borough, I can not get legal aid because there is none for cases like this as from April 1 2013 they said my gosh I have been trying to get my son back but the abusive dad had been advised by ss to go for residence order as my son is with him so it made it easier somehow for them. My daughter smashing up my home @ the time in my absence while my son was asleep is why my son is at the dads hse & my son is allowed to go out with her and he is being abused by his brother which i reported but police said they could not do anything because my son did not know times and dates. Please help me if possible to get him home so he’s not hurt no more! You know exactly what you are talking about you speak truth Maggie. Keep strong…

  2. Mrs A gould says:

    Hi what gives social work the right to tell people who they can fall in love with and who you cant. My son has been acussed of some thing he hasn’t done, by ex girl friends and his daughter. he has since found a girl he loves very much, who has three children. Because of this and the new law on abuse, these three people have had him charged for some thing he hasn’t done and there making his life a misery. he’s not allowed to see the children or be with his new girl friend. Social work are dictating and saying hes to stay away and telling his girl friend if she doesn’t stop seeing him they’ll take her children away. What gives them the right to do this.
    the ex girl friends 2 of them are doing this out of revenge and spite, they have said they want him dead or in jail. My son is at his wits end and has even threated to kill himself. Hes so miserable. and doesn’t know which way to turn. His lawyer said it could take up to a year to sort this all out. In the mean time my sons life is being miserable. Why are social work allowed to do things like this to people, it’s time some thing is done about. I do not want my name published, so please make me anonimouse.

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