Great Britain is known as “The European home of paedophilia”

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Paedophiles and the sexual abuse of children in care have been a problem to Britain for 100’s of years, with no one really being brought to account until Jimmy Savile was exposed. However, Savile was only the tip of the iceberg and it is becoming increasingly clear that whenever a politician, a sir or a lord’s name is mentioned, the media cover up begins…usually by naming paedophiles from the show-biz world, relieving pressure from the elite.

When a government-controlled paedophile is exposed and the media tactics no longer work on a rapidly-awakening public, panic sets in and the scripts need a re-write. ‘Death’ by cancer, rapid-onset dementia…and citizenship of another country are recent examples. But the deceit and cover ups go further when we examine the care system.


Many people are unaware that every child in care is covered by an insurance policy which is a legal requirement. Typically this policy would cover, for example, personal injury (including death), and psychiatric harm caused whilst in care. So…who has been claiming the insurance money on the 1,000s of children who have gone missing, been sexually abused by politicians or others, have had accidents in care, been trafficked or leave the care system with H.I.V.?

The social services are very protective of their insurance companies and will not name them when a family asks. For families who have tried to claim…cover-ups are common-place, with the child forced to retract the truth.

The link below will take you to the Municipal Mutual Insurance ‘pin-down policy’ implemented by Staffs CC.

Survivors of this regime took legal action against Staffs CC who were insured by Municipal Mutual Insurance (MMI). During the 1970s and 80s such were the number of high cost claims being met by MMI they were brought to the verge of financial collapse. In order to avoid this catastrophe MMI were rescued by Zurich Insurance and so Zurich Municipal was born.



The government does NOT want the victims of child abuse to come forward. It would be an international political embarrassment that a rich nation such as the UK miss –treated children as it did, and still does by denying them as adults’ justice. Additionally, the cost of compensation to these adult survivors would go into millions of pounds. This would generate questions from the public as to what had gone on inside care homes that were set up to protect some of the most vulnerable members of our society and a demand for accountability and criminal prosecutions would ensue. Such action may destabilize a system that has given license to paedophiles to abuse at will.

It is in the interest of a government and insurance companies to collude to silence the abused children and adult survivors from the care system.

And what of the children in care now who are the SILENT WITNESSES? The ones who are still being abused, unable to tell their families of the abuse on contact for fear of the contact being stopped and the children never seeing their families again.

A Cafcass officer of thirty years told me:


As for the victims of child abuse… many are told “you are out of time” and “where is your evidence?”

It is time for families of children in care to be informed that their child is insured in the care system for accidents, deaths and abuse of any form. It is time for children’s voices to be free to speak out!

Maggie Tuttle.

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6 Responses to Great Britain is known as “The European home of paedophilia”

  1. Kas says:

    Excellent information as ever on this site.
    Interestingly, Tony Blair is a financially rewarded adviser to Zurich and Zurich Municipal has the contract for schools in the UK.

  2. time people looked a little deeper as on this link and do remember it was Tony Blair who set the adoption targets at the same time made the secret act from 50 years to a hundred years well well so kids can be abused and the paedophiles just like Savil will get away with it because in a 100 years the peados will be dead. or they have alzhimers or die very very suddenly of cancer or resign and what of the insurance yes yes
    The Zurich Municipal Board based in Switzerland is made up of former
    world leaders,academics and business leaders who advice the group on
    world affairs. Blair is a financially rewarded Board member. Why does
    an insurance require such a Board? Who else makes it up? What world
    affairs does it advise on?

    Tony Blair yet again

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  4. Anna Seymour says:

    My dear beloved mum was born in 1917 as the result of a union between my grandmother who worked in a munitions factory and a canadien expeditionary soldier,my mum never knew if they married or not.
    well when my mum was age three she was put in a care home,i now have serious worries she was sexually abused,she never spoke about the home but used to say they were taken to rich peoples homes,and were always bought new clothes.
    my friend said that is not normal for children in childrens homes of early 1900s to be bought new clothes and taken to homes of landed gentry,since all this with saville and mps has opened my eyes…………… mothers words all my life repeat in my head today bless her rip………….she constantly warned me all my life ..BEWARE DIRTY OLD MEN,I never whilst she was alive questioned her,I didnt realise child sex abuse was going on then,poor soul god only knows what she suffered at the hands of the filth,these dirty b****rds need hanging for child abuse ,may they rot in hell

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