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Baby Jonas Painted by the well known Russian artist whose paintings have become a voice for the children screaming to be heard


More paintings on this link.

My name is Jonas but I am now in heaven because the British social services stole me from my loving family on allegations only and after seven months of living with a foster carer I became

just another of the thousands of children sent to heaven, why does the British care system say “In a child’s best interest” then send us to heaven. ????????

How eugenics poisoned the welfare state Dennis Sewell25 November 2009

A century ago many leading leftists subscribed to the vile pseudo-science of eugenics, writes Dennis Sewell, and the influence of that thinking can still be seen today.In 1933 the Eugenics Society had its third world conference with Ernist Rudin as the chairman Rudin was a German Psychiatrist who instigated in Hitler’s war the deaths of alcoholics schizophrenics and people with manic depression along with forced sterilizations Rudin also instigated the first mass murder of 375.000 mentally ill patents,  perhaps this is why I Jonas who was born with down syndrome  survived 7 only months in the system as Mr Hitler who coined the phrase said “In a child’s best interest” and so the Eugenics society now known as the worlds population continues to rule the worlds people by prescribing drugs to kill off  the worlds population along with the multiple vaccinations for children


The ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ Agenda – Freedom Magazine …

Chief among them was Ernst Rudin, a psychiatrist who played a major role in setting the stage for the Holocaust. Rudin was president of the International 

In 1933 this same Eugenics meeting was Margaret Sanger who from that meeting founded the family planning centres which still exist into the 21st Century, and so the Eugenics society now known as the world population continues to rule the world’s people by prescription drugs  multiple vaccinations for children with thousands of children who are then diagnosed with autism,  learning disabilities or are dead, this also relates to families in their millions world wide when being assessed by court experts and social services it is written they have learning disabilities and behaviour problems with many then prescribed antidepressants then only to have their children taken into care.


Bobbie was the son of wonderful loving parents dad worked full time there was never a problem all of the children were loved and well fed but Bobby now aged 10 was a normal little boy who was attention seeking so mum asked the social services for some advice the social services suggested to take Bobbie into a respite care for a few weeks only for that child to be wrongly diagnosed with Paranoia and Bipolar then put on drugs never to be returned home he is now aged 20 and under the mental health act must stay in adult care for the rest of his life but Bobby is just one of thousands of kids in care under the mental health act and maybe another child dead from the drugs or is he another human guinea pig in the system. There are untold thousands of children diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed Ritalin and here in the link the truth is told,  lets all remember that most children have to be naughty to learn to be good but they are not ADHA

1.      Inventor of ADHD’s deathbed confession … – Dr Belsham


Dr Leon Eisenberg, made a ‘deathbed confession’ that ‘ADHD is a prime … Dr Eisenberg, who passed away in … The use of ADHD medications in Germany rose


Here in this link is the truth of Ritalin


o    Cached Similar

These behaviours are listed in the DSM-IV Diagnostic Criteria for ADHD. … (age 7-14) use of Methylphenidate a medication commonly known as  


And from this link is another Doctor who recently blew the whistle on RT/ TV News


Vaccinations are killing the world’s children

] [PDF]The Russian Roulette of Vaccines The Vaccine Debate…/The-Russian-Roulette-of-Vaccines-The-Va


Not only are children taken into care on allegations, for most they are moved from carer to carer so where is their stability NONE with most kids on prescription drugs  read the link here

Young foster children distressed by regular house moves, charity Sep 2015

Children who are adopted most  will never know their biological family and most will have had their names changed

————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- Britain has always been and still is the WORLDS MASS MURDERS it is so bad that now many of the EU countries are in talks with their concerns of the British child abuse,


In World War 2 the experiments on women and children were horrendous and continued after the war and continues to present day, after the war most of the scientists and doctors walked free to continue with their experiments the only problem was there were no more slaves or prisoners of war I wonder why the NHS was set up, and during World War 2 there were many experiments on women and Hormones even to the fact that women were made to have sex with animals and after the war the contraception pill was prescribed and Hormone Replacement.

In 1996 I set up the first Menopausal Helpline for women who had been prescribed Hormone Replacement Therapy who were suffering and dying from the side effects of this drug and in 1998 I organised the worlds first conference at the Brighton Conference Centre on the side effects of Hormone Replacement Therapy and Doctors at their own expense travelled from around the world to be guest speaker as they knew my research was correct we had world media and at the same time Martin Walker the Author of the best selling book Dirty Medicine after the conference   wrote the book H.R.T. Licensed to Kill and Maim. This is also in all libraries

HRT Licensed to Kill and Maim – Inform Yourself

In his new book, HRT Licensed to Kill and Maim, author Martin Walker takes us into the world of the unheard women who have suffered and whose lives are …—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-

[PDF]Death by Medicine –

By G Null – ‎Cited by 48 – ‎Related articles

researchers have authored a paper titled “Death by Medicine” that presents … produces an annual death rate of 420,000 for drug errors and medical errors …


Rape and child abuse ‘are rife in German refugee camps’ is Germany heading back to world war 2 and  remember Mr Hitler wanted the EU countries as part of Germany and it is well documented the SS stole hundreds of thousands of children from some of the now EU countries, and after the war Germany became part of the EU so was the EU all planned before the War,  one has to know how Governments of the world plans the Wars and the mass destruction of the people by the internal wars drugs  human experiments vaccinations the abuse in every way of the worlds children and now Germany have said they will accept over a million refugees to do as reported in the Daily Mail

Germany’s Giessen asylum centre rife in rape … – Daily Mail


13 hours ago – Rape and child abuse ‘are rife in German refugee camps’: … among 5,000 migrants at camp in Giessen; Fear the number of unreported rapes …


In World War 2 the Lebensborn Program was very much part of adoptions and fostering by the SS with the continuation of the SS into the 21st century of adoptions and fostering and on the day of the conference July 2014 for children screaming to be heard Timothy Spearman another well known Author wrote

21st Century Lebensborn: Children Screaming to Be Heard … › … › Society, Politics & Philosophy › Social Sciences

Buy 21st Century Lebensborn: Children Screaming to Be Heard by Timothy Spearman (ISBN: 9781910394977) from Amazon’s Book Store. Free UK delivery on …

The “Lebensborn” Program | Jewish Virtual Library

Children who were orphans, but it is well documented that many were stolen from … Thousands of children were transferred to the Lebensborn centers in order to read the link.


 Before and after World War 2 why did the so called British Empire and the United Nations become involved in Palestine and Israel and from that day to present day there has been an internal war with now Germany stating they will take in one million Arab people so we are back to the  Eugenics Society now known as the World Population and at the end of the day the Elite want to clone them self’s and keep just enough plebs for the fields.

Here in this so called Great British Empire we have the Army the Navy the Air force and the Police who supposedly protect the lands but we also have another man made army known as the SS who are a law unto them self’s who do just as the SS did in World War 2  and ruled every ones life. so is it  the children from the cradle to the grave  on Ritalin and in care the parents with mental illnesses ruled by antidepressants elderly with dementia and Alzheimer’s are shoved into care homes by social workers with a charge put on the elderly persons homes, if you are in a care home and the council have to pay which is approx £500 a week I wonder how long they live.

Please remember children have to be naughty to learn to be good but they are not ADHD and do not have learning disabilities

Maggie Tuttle




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