Children Screaming to be Heard Conference (Morning Session)

Published On August 1, 2014 | By Children Screaming To Be Heard |

Children Screaming to be Heard Conference, Friday 25th July 2014, London (Morning Session)

I would like to say thank you to the people (over 200) who attended the conference on the 25th July 2014 with a big thank you to Jason who stepped in at the last minuet to assist me, had it not been for Jason then the conference just maybe have been cancelled. After the conference I received many phone calls and emails and can tell you all that we achieved some very good results with many things in the pipe line and I will keep you all informed as thing happen.


I urge all families who have lost their children to the care system to stay strong and positive keep all evidence take no phone calls they are not evidence letters and emails are and be careful who you speak to.

– Maggie Tuttle

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Safe houses for runaway children on the streets including shelter, beds, food and support to protect children from being trafficked, sold and prostituted.

6 Responses to Children Screaming to be Heard Conference (Morning Session)

  1. dawn parton says:

    I am saddened by the fact that children are listened to BUT not Heard. Nothings changed in my years as a child. Children are in the same position as Emily Pankhust when she was fighting for women to be heard. Professionals are still ignoring the voices because of Lack of All-Round training on issues such as Mental health,Domestic Abuse,Sexual Abuse,Learning impairment are just a few to mention. Every case has its own individuality and should be judged on those merits and not by a tailored guideline that all services use. Its not a ONE SIZE FITS ALL, we are not clothes shopping here we are fighting to Save Children’s Voice and get them heard instead of just listened to!

    • Maggie Tuttle says:

      It is very sad Dawn because I find that many social workers are not parents nor grandparents and have no idea of childrens minds wishes or wants and as you say they are not all one size.

    • International Society for the Abolition of Child Sexual Abuse Rep says:

      Infant babies can’t even talk or walk or crawl yet. At least an adult rape victim can try to tell someone they have words vocabulary language. Babies have NO ability to tell anyone. Listen to the people with the proof and evidence, who are speaking up for our babies screaming to be heard, . Research. Audio and video record EVERYTHING. And use letters and email. Duplicate evidence and protect evidence. This is not about shaming. This is not a game. This is about intelligence /consulting /teaching and the near future.

      Rep for
      International Society for the Abolition of Child Sexual Abuse

  2. Jo says:

    Help me top them they,they think they come tor my famille , I will ever think in my power I have learning promblems and now mental Heath but,and think I clearly am stupid I have take steps already and only hear about is yesterday so now I worked what was realy going on now . Help me top it it can’t happen I will not let it any advice pls

  3. Mr Ilyas Din says:

    Hi Maggie,
    been a while since we last spoke,don’t know if you still remember me,i’m the man from Preston who got wiped out by the SS when they stole 6 kids of us. You put me on to Natalie, who helped me prepare the appeal which was very good but never the less rejected with no reasons given. All the appeal judge wrote was : permission to the supreme court has been blocked. WOW! this is getting sicker and sicker. Any way Maggie, i need to contact you pretty urgently for some advice, i think we got 1 on them. I’m in Pakistan with our new son and Lancashire CC know about it but they can’t do a thing about it but my wife’s gone back to England and there making allegations that the baby was born in England and we smuggled it out. Ha Ha Ha. Now they have issued a court order on my wife that she allegedly went to the other children s school causing mayhem back in June. She only went back to England last week, so that’s impossible. I’m pretty sure its just another way to get her in to that evil secret court so they can bind her in to some kind of contract using legalese. Does she need to appear in the kangaroo court? please give me a number to contact you Maggie cause its cheaper if i ring you but my number is 00923062374592. Hope you OK, take care Ilyas Din. AKA D.Y.C.E. #1VOICE Oh! by the way i recorded 1 of my songs its called TOMORROW by DYCE. will send you a copy asap. Peace!

  4. Dr Nige Miles says:

    Hello Margaret.
    Everything which is discussed here is a tragedy. There are some directions in private law which can revolutionise this debacle and the same has to be actioned in public law. Only legislation can stop the “screaming” by establishing the insuperable right to parity or equality of comprehensive engagement to parental responsibility by the first and second filial family members with their children/grandchildren. . Children will not be removed from parents unless family members have criminal convictions of child abuse. This is the legislation which has to be demanded. Currently there are only 2/650 MPS who see the best interests of our children. It seems the others are all supporting abuse.

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