Children & Adults Electromagnetic Weapons Misuse & Targeted Individuals.

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Thank you very Much for Connecting with me. I am Sending My Story, as you Advertised You are Looking for Good Stories. You can use My Story as you Desire as The “Human Rights Organisations I Support and I,  are Trying to Get this Issue to the World.

Samuel Ludwick Targeted Individual.

I will be Filing Federal Civil, Criminal, and FISA Court Cases in the Next Few Weeks as my Investigators will have all my Evidence Compiled by Then.

I have Enclosed the Link to my Web Page Below, as well as my Video. My Web Page has my Written Testimony to the “International Tribunal for Natural Justice”, Rewritten by the Author, Jennifer Hurta of TI Library, and A Video Testimony at the Bottom of the Page to the “Human Rights Global Coalition Neuro Ethics Conference”.

I will also Attach my Original Written Testimony to the “International Tribunal for Natural Justice”, and a Copy of my Affidavit which the Author used to Put together my Story, as well as a Question, and Answer Session I had with her.

I do not Know if you will be Interested in the Problems Across the World concerning the Misuse – the Torture, and Murder of Innocent Children, Women, and the Elderly by “Electromagnetic Weapons” Technology, but I will also Include Several Websites where you can Obtain Information on the Subject for your Research on the Subject.


Thank You very Much for Fighting “Human Rights” Issues with Me and all of my Associates at the “Human Rights Global Coalition”, SASN, Surveillance Abuse Survivors Network, PACTS International, the International Tribunal for Natural Justice, and Other Organizations I Belong to (Listed Below).

God Bless you AND everyone at “Freedom Talk Radio”.


Samuel Ludwick

Samuel Ludwick’s Web Page – Insert Link Twice if Blocked by the Corporations (M.I.I.C.) – Use Back Arrow

Samuel Ludwick’s Video Testimony – Seperate from Web Page – You Tube

Human Rights Organizations – Electromagnetic Weapons Misuse: 



International Tribunal for Natural Justice



PACTS International


Misuses of Genetics and Bio-Technologies – Extremely Informative

Introduction In misuses, genetics, modern bio-technologies and their related sciences like biology, chemistry, medicine and toxicology are being employed not to cure diseases, but intentionally to induce them. New designer drugs habe been developed in the laboratories of the military and secret services for example of NATO, Russia, Japan and Israel as B together with C and R micro-weapons of mass destruction. Today, the security agencies of the major Western Powers and of a coalition of Third World Countries and a multitude of private defence leagues conduct a worldwide, clandestine dirty war with these weapons with millions of victims a year of all social classes against each other. The Open Letter gives a general survey over the misuses.

 Talk Spectrum


Citizens Against Harmful Technology

Dedicated to Targeted Individuals


International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies

Freedom for Targeted Individuals

Directed Energy Weapons – Enforcement 


Mind Control Technology – Renee Pittman Books


Geral Sosbee – FBI Director on “Electromagnetic Weapons Technology”


Black Ops Projects – Electromagnetic Weapons

Extreme Abuse of Electronic Surveillance – United States Army – Special Ops


You may contact Columbia Investigations using one of the available options below. Meetings are by appointment only. Feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment.

Melinda Kidder
Columbia Investigations
601 W Worstell Ln
Columbia, MO 65202


Mobile: (573) 673-2485
Fax: (888) 673-2485


Melinda Kidder for

Radio Frequency Scans

Dr. Hildegarde Staninger for

FCC License Searches of Radio Frequencies

Toxicology tests for Nano-Technology – Implants

O2 launches 5G phone coverage in six UK cities.

The new way of getting radiation in to your home the new microwave 5g.

O2 launches 5G phone coverage in six UK cities

Campaigners warn of 5G ‘health risks’ as Totnes council blocks new masts.

Brighton and Hove City Council join growing list of local authorities banning 5G masts

Judge REFUSES to gag anti-5G street light campaigner, stating: ‘The public have a right to know’

The Funds are raised to support the resistance  and legal challenge to the Humanitarian crime visited upon my Countrymen Women Children and the Unborn. We need to spread the word across the World and get the truth out as soon as possible to reduce the accumulative damage caused from this noxious radiation emission from 5G LED illegal experimental technologies.  
We have an on going legal strategy and a number of talks around the Country helping to increase awareness of the existential threat to all biology from 5G LED 3D radar scanning radiation.  We are warning Councils that they are committing unlawful and illegal acts that can result in the killing of babies in the womb from the  illegal and unlawful fitting of technology that they have sanctioned and are now ignoring the scientific evidence as well as protests from constituents in breach of the law. Councils are in full cover up now and are Council officers are going as far as dishonestly reporting to elected officials and constituents that they do not have the illegal 5G LED equipment installed.
Your continued support will help us uncover the dishonest wrong doing and stop this illegal enterprise bringing those responsible before the courts.



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