Cafcass The Second Voice Of The Child Conference

Published On June 18, 2014 | By Children Screaming To Be Heard |

On the 18th June 2014 Cafcass released information of their conference using the name THE SECOND VOICE OF THE CHILD the conference to be held on the 24th July 2014 which is one day before the conference on the 25th July for the children screaming to be heard.

I wonder why cafcass has at a very late time in the year decided to also hold a conference I don’t think people are so silly as to not put 2×2 together to know the answers, Cafcass are aware that the conference for the children screaming to be heard is very much in the public eye.

Maggie Tuttle would like to know why cafcass is advertising as the second voice of the child when it is a fact that 1.000s of children who depend on cafcass who work hand in glove with the children’s lawyers do not stand up in a court of law and tell the court that under the children’s human rights of the child’s wishes and wants as opposed to sending another child into a care system of which many children are abused in every way with the loss of their families and no contact 1.000s lost for ever.

I will correct Cafcass you are paid to be the first voice not the second voice for the thousands of children who depend on Cafcass who mostly take away the wishes and wants with the right to their family not to the multibillion pound family “In a child’s best interest”  Cafcass Childrens Conference

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5 Responses to Cafcass The Second Voice Of The Child Conference

  1. Tom Dobbie says:

    please look at the website to see a huge pile of hard evidence showing criminal acts of perjury and child abuses by one family court judge and a whole lot of social workers and their local authority master.

  2. Paul phillips says:

    I have witnessd at first hand what these lieing scum do
    My children said in all 5 bent reports done over 2011 & 2012 that they wouldn’t to see their daddy they enjoyed going out with their daddy ect ect ect.
    Crapcass lied and lied and twisted & twisted all at every corner along with the lieing and very bent judge nathen sorry HHJ nathen ????
    In sep of 2013 all contact closed down on me after 3 yrs of being denied a normal loving relationship with all four of my children
    My girls are now only 10 & 9 ??????? B
    They don’t know do they why they don’t see their daddy still
    It wasn’t for the want of trying to see the ones I too made and still love..
    My only crime it would appear is I was born a male ????????
    They are paid to lie & twist every thing
    I have the reports still and it clearly states what my two little girls wanted
    The order in sep of 2013 says I can not even apply to the bent courts for 3 yrs now to try and see the ones I still love
    Crapcass are hired thugs bully’s & total liers and work for the bent judges and the evil people who use PA as a tool to get rid of loving fathers
    And this so called law allows these terrible so called mums to get away with it or get away with murder nearly
    This whole law and body’s like crapcass are as bent as a round about
    They are clearly all lieing scum
    My case was in Guildford court Surrey all BENT

    • Vicky says:

      we have had a bad dealing with Crapcass too, the woman who was the babys guardian just agreed with the LA that we would put the baby at risk and nothing we said we would do was good enough! We have never done anything for them to accuse us of harming a child, I work in a school with kids so i have to be checked! That woman watched her solicitor crucify me when he questioned me on the stand, i saw her grinning when he asked her if their was anything else she wanted to ask me, she said “no we have said enough” I will never forget her face! They didnt put any plan in place for the baby to be kept in the family, which goes to prove they wanted to adopt her from the beginning! They are just as evil as the SS !!

    • Hi Paul, it seems to be the norm that Judges are making orders for cases not to be heard back in court for another three years wonder what the three years means any one got any ideas as to why three years ? many families have reported the same via the helpline to me.
      Maggie Tuttle

  3. Wow that was odd. I just wrote an incredibly long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Regardless, just wanted to say superb blog!

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