The Babies are burning to power your electricity

Published On April 26, 2014 | By Children Screaming To Be Heard |

The Babies are burning to power your electricity
One Of Many Pictures by Artist Albina Koumirova Depicting The Uk Child Protection System.

26th April 2014 the world is now aware of the British children being forcibly adopted, fostered (SOLD) their little bodies used by the paedophiles who walk free to continue their filth and with the recent news of the crooked expert witnesses who started their little businesses of telling blatant lies to steal the children back in 1764 I wonder who these court experts really work with or for? Paedophiles trafficking, No don’t be so silly Maggie Tuttle as if court experts would steal kids for paedophiles.

Women who want an abortion has to be counselled first then in comes the experts to say yes with the babies then burnt to produce and sell electricity to light up the homes on the deaths of the little babies. Recently in the news was of the babies who died at birth then burnt in the hospital incinerators.

When are the dear old British people going to stop what is happening to their children and babies.
Perhaps all who have lost their children just may get of their arses and march on the 24th July 2014 at the blockade for Justice for the children screaming to be heard or will the Brits continue to allow babies to be massacred and burnt trafficked and sold and their little bodies used by the paedophiles and we all know where most of them live and work.

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