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After witnessing a child on his hands and knees begging and praying and screaming to be heard and trying to tell the social worker that he loved his family please I beg you let me stay with my family but the social worker who did this to a little child was not even registered but she still literally dragged this child into a car to be driven into the unknown he was treated worse than a criminal then within a month of witnessing the little boy I was asked to go with a parent and grandmother to say their last goodbye to a baby who was so adored and loved and was yet another baby being adopted and so from 2010 it became an obsession for me to research into why “In a child’s best interest”  that many children were begging to stay with their families but their voices were unheard and from this we have the charity “children screaming to be heard” the silent witnesses here lies the truth.

Reported to me on the 3rd of July 2014 a father in his 30s so in love with his wife who gave birth to a baby boy three months ago then in steps the social workers and took the baby from the hospital for adoption then these parents were told by the social services they must live apart with the social workers telling the court he is a bad parent how can he be a bad parent when he has never been a father then with the court being told the father was a child who was abused in care and could abuse his son this is not an isolated case many parents from the care system them selves throughout this country are losing their children on hear say and allegations of court experts. 

I am personally kept informed from families throughout this country who have reported that so many loving parents are being forced by the social services to live separately this is after the children are in care, although It has also been reported that parents who still have their children they are also told they must split up and on doing so the children are still taken into care.

Who gives the powers to social workers/services to steal the children for adoption or fostering and where does it state in law that the social services have the powers to force loving families to separate and I am not just writing of one case of parents being forced to separate.

As recently reported by the press two brothers in foster care were moved to 114 different foster carers  wow that fostering agency must have made a million this is also happening with kids who were adopted and with the thousands of kids being moved around the system on the pretence that the child has or is a problem and cannot settle well who would when many kids are screaming to be heard and does not have one human right and no stability,  when foster or adoption carers go on holidays all paid for by the system those children are sent to live with a stranger and this goes on and on until they are released from what I can only call hell for many thousands of kids.

Children in care who are allowed contact with their families before contact all parents and children are told what to say and not to say and on many contacts blatant lies are written with contact then stopped with all back to the merry go round more money for the courts and social services and now more hardship with no legal aid.

Where does it state in the law that a married couple or parents must be legally represented by their own legal teams it is all money again for two lawyers two Barristers and a whole team of court experts.

In this link you can read of Core assets who are paid millions of pounds a year for the children in care then there are 100s of social workers who have an outside company registered for assessments supervised contacts car hire and more and it is the social workers taking the children getting paid by the social services then paid again by their own companies and this is a conflict of interest in any court case.

So where are the laws and who has instigated the breaking up of many loving families only to steal the children to produce

Time the tax payers kicked up a stink but then most of the tax payers Maybe working
 “In a child’s best interest”

Maggie Tuttle

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14 Responses to A CHILD’S LAST GOODBYE

  1. Deeply saddening stories, we need to do provide advocates with the research and push for changes in legislation. It can be done and there is hope. Here in the United States we have panels in our conference in October on how to protect our kids from pedophiles and traffickers in the guise of foster parents. We have to protect our kids. Thank you for the post. Dr Gopal

  2. susie says:

    I had my children taken away because i was depressed at the time, one time i’d just given birth and the social worker walked into the hospital with a court order to remove the child from me, after they did it the 1st time, every baby i had after that was taken from me, i had four children. I remember that i jumped through hoops with everything they asked me to do, and one day the social worker said to me “your best may not be good enough” i realised that i had no chance whatsoever. at one child protection meeting i went with my solicitor, when we entered the room we were told that my solicitor couldn’t be present, yet the local authority had their solicitor present, they were hell bent on taking my children, not a day goes by when i wonder what they are like, i was given letter box contact for pictures twice a year, i only ever received two contacts then they stopped. I miss my children. keep up the good work on your website x

    • janet says:

      Hi I had my 2 kids taken sinead and james kelly sinead 22.06.2009
      James 20.08.2010 by eailing council they.made up body maps and albumsnott my kids they are evil scum we want are kids bk please never agree section 20 they build a csse on u and liers please return sinead and james kelly

    • natalie says:

      Omg the same thing happened to me nothing I could do was seen as good enough left my partner of seven yrs as. They told me it was the only way I could keep my children bobby 2 Lilly 3 and bailey 6 so off I went into refuge opp end of the country suffering emotional nervous breakdown the took me to court a week later Said although I did right by my kids it was too little too late I have since batteled for two yrs in court witth barristers and solicitors promising the earth even took it to royal courts of justice in London to have three lords or the high court to throw our appeal out saying we have no grounds they proceeded with adoption order for my youngest two which I had the worst day of my life having to try to have final contact which while I have a breath in my body will never say good bye then they take my eldest away from his baby brother and baby sister who bailey is very protective of and adores and slung him in long term foster place ment shoved from pillar to post never being able to see his brother and sister again ….. They wonder why baileys behaviour has got out of control as he has been taken away from everyone he has ever loved nowi don’t know how to help him ir find my babies either xx

  3. Mrs. Pura Caratt says:

    I live in Edinburgh and on 06/02/0213 we went for Holiday to London. ON 14/02/2013 The social service from Camden take my 3 daughters; 12, 11 and 5 years from me because my ex husband make false allegation, now the Judge Rowe order send my small child to live in Cayman Island and the 2 old children stay live in foster care. I always be a good mother, I have good report from the school, Health visitor etc and never I have problem in my 11 year I take care of my children. The small child Have been abuse in foster care, I report this situation to the Police, NSPCC and other authority. Now I’m in the process to appeal. The children need they family and the emotional issues of take the children live with strange (foster care) is traumatic impact on the lives of children for a lifetime. The government must change the law to improve and help families have a better life for the future of this country.

    • natalie says:

      Same situation they just adopted my youngest two beautiful babies age two and three and seperated them from older brother age 8 so they could be adopted slung my 8 yr old into foster care alone never to see his siblings again he is hurting soo bad and my legal team don’t give a shit and really don’t know how to help him x

  4. Vicky says:

    This has happened to us those evil social workers have taken my granddaughter for adoption! We saw her for the last time in April this year, she is now 13 months old and only weighs 15lb, she was 8lb born and has only put on 7lb in a uear! We are so concerned we asked the consultant in the hospital for an appointment, we went to see her yesterday, they have done tests but all came back normal, if you could see the recent pics we got it looks as if she is starved, like a child from Cambodia, it is heartbreaking. I am going to email the doctor and ask if she will refer her to another hospital like when my son had the same problem. The s/wker came but wouldnt let me speak to the doc on my own , they dont seem to care if there is a genetic problem only want to get her placed asap! and they say they do things in the childs best interests, what a load of crap!! its for money and bonuses!

  5. Maggie Tuttle says:

    Mrs Caratt only the people en mass can bring change we need to bring a new law for change to the foster and adoptions, are you going to the conference on the 27th July.

  6. Chantelle says:

    i too suffered from depression after a long violent controlling marriage ss knew of this but kept closing there case it was as if they were as scared of my ex husband as myself and children were. wen i left and got police involved ss turned up blaming me for what hed dun to us all i went to all there meetings , answers all there questions u name it but with 6 ypung children to cope with along side ss demands i soon became very low and depressed i swallowed my pride and asked for respite care instead i was goven mre places to b all at simular times i had a breakdwn and with no family to look after my beautiful babies they went into temporary foster care never to come out. they were placed in 3 sets of 2 where they were starved, intimidated and frighterened not to mention clothed in too small clothes and shoes which left there feet bleeding with cuts and sores and clothing tht tight leaving marks it brought me to tears yet my sw did nothink id buy them new clothing , shoes tht theyd never wear the came to me with extreme ezema and head lice . they said i cud only have three of my kids bk and to choose the youngest and easiest cos the older ones wud b out of the system quicker they brain washed the kids that i didnt love them or want them home. they took all my kids and will anymre i have in the future but my evil ex is allowed to have relationships with women who have kids and also have more despite going to proson for what he did and being on a police order not to go near any child under 16, tell me how this is right ? justice what justice ! mummy loves u kids always and ill never stop fighting until were together again xx

  7. karen says:

    How old does a child have to be before he is deemed worth listening to? What confusion, desperation and overwhelming sense of powerlessness must a child feel in the face of adults (social workers) telling him it is for his own best interests that he is suddenly and without warning ripped from the home and neighbourhood he knows and loves and feels safe in? What trauma must this cause him? Not just in the immediate aftermath but potentially for life. And all in the name of child Protection! This is a sick joke. What are the established children’s charities doing to highlight the plight of these children? We all need to be louder, much much louder in our condemnation of current children protection activities in England and fight for change, a change that puts the child’s voice at the centre. It is with breathtaking arrogance that social workers act as though their view and actions will save a child when too often it will help to damage them instead. Fast forward 10, 20 years when these children so taken take action against the authorities whose actions so messed up their heads and their lives. This is yet another social policy that will backfire. And I for one will be waiting to see those avoiding culpability today get their just rewards. Can you hear the children screaming?

  8. janet says:

    Stop this forced adoption in uk destroying lives its out of hand now the lies they make up and they say the kids are happy in foster carer its shocking about time this government stops this forced adoption .

  9. Mrs. PURA CARATT says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, I can say that the situation in London about abducting children becomes more alarming every day and every year. I studied the whole situation regarding social services, also take courses to be social services and believe me, in the theory is nothing what is put in practice.
    violate human rights in all its scale, chase you everywhere you placed wherever you are with your mobile number, often they kill people and then says, is suffering from mental problems. Tell you to do inconsistent things, they are witches, they will spy on your email. and many more things that are crazy.
    Here is worthless, all lawyers working on this case never defend cases as they should be or do not care, if you try to do it on your own, then the judge will not believe anything. Unfortunately I can confirm that social services of Camden is dedicated to destroying family and sell children. Camden social services gave my young daughter to the father, he never in the 4 years of life. I had my daughter care for her, unlike my ex-husband sent me an abortion when I was 8 months pregnant. and my older daughters the court said to be in foster care until 18 year old; also the court order personal contact, but nothing of that was follow. I made a case to court, to request the transfer of the care order to Edinburgh. Wait and see what the results will be, but knowing as they are, Can be the same results,. God Bless you all.

  10. Kelley says:

    They gave my 4 children to my sister and my eldest to my mum . They said I’m emotionally abusive to them … All my kids wins come I’ve brought them up by myself and now social think they can run our lives.. I’m back on court on 18th July I’m so scared ..

  11. Pamela says:

    Social services are pure scum they are doing same thing to my daughter my grandchildren have been placed with paternal family full of drug users drunks, putting lies in reports Solictor barrister was siding with LA one big coverup SW covering up injuries on my grandchildren while with carer.. putting lies in assessment reports about me to stop boys coming to me they don’t like you having evidence against them they breach court orders ! They coverup lies from the foster carer she lies in her assessment SS don’t even check it out no police checks done gets passed by foster panel for registration!!!!!! The whole system is corrupt from the top to the bottom also beginning to the end!!!! These social workers are parents themselves I say that very loosely

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